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Rude i mean. He's already a who so it's like a relevant but that's like the q. Chewing this guy starring at least twelve hallmark movies a year. You know goodness your i think. Hit a patch of black ice. Which were you headed. I'm actually heading into a small town called for ridge. Well let's play a game with them okay. To way i don't know her does. Bb wreksa no beating worth is and vice versa. Crunch crunch great question. Great question no and no next call. Can i just say no one no. Yeah great. move on is boss baby whereas crunch crunch lindsey. This is your area of expertise is boss. Let's see one two three them. I think boss babies are them. Yeah yeah he's everywhere. Do i like that. he's of them. Do i like that. His voice as another successor in his bell. No it's weird that our enemy who hates us is also a character beloved character by me and also in my canon of interest for two who weekly canon. It's kind of upsetting. I'd love to rail. I love to like ban boss baby because alec baldwin is the voice and he hates us. But i really can't help but love that dumb baby who wears the like high socks and stirrups like a like a boss is very very weird. Who cares of alec baldwin. Hates us because you know who loves us to norman norman. Yeah it's true is true. Norman from wendy listens shout out. I mean to brag that. I wanna brag. I'm bragging i'm bragging. Happy to brag about the bragging. I will not be modest about that. Wendy call when she needs to get caught up on something. Norman norman nawroz everything is it. Amy sedaris one of the other boss babies and the she's that we're gonna watch together. She's coming up or watch weight. Lindsey can i watch the first one with you again. Because i haven't seen it in a long time. You have to watch the first one to okay. Great full disclosure. I don't know that. I've ever seen boss baby a all the way through at in one sitting in a state where i was like in a position to remember it. Well because i was gonna say. I don't want you to see any of those movies sober so we're going to have to figure out a cocktail for you okay. So we're going to watch boss baby at your house and then we're going to watch boss baby this week. We'll probably we're not gonna watch on peacock okay. We could do the same day. Same day peacock or in theaters. Tussle like it's a. It's a big risk to watch possibly to in theaters. When i could be like so stone so happy watching it in my house and i know it will be a good experience. The problem like i don't wanna see a movie for kids in theaters. I don't want to go ruin a kids. Experience exactly exactly. I don't want to be an idiot into theater where a kid is enjoying. I want to be an idiot my own home. I really don't need to get glared at in the theater by someone my age who was also at boss baby to the squirrel with their six year. Old child i would say like ten years ago. This would be acceptable. You know to show up and do this but now when you could encounter a parent who is your peer like run into someone you know with their child. It's from the age of a child who wants to see boss baby to well. It's not got this week wall. That's it's called bobby to back in business. Oh nice to see you bobby. And lindsey i i. This is my child. Who's here to see this movie. Earnestly did you like the verse. Boss baby these second baby. It's like come on dylan. Leave my ex friends alone. Oh god lindsey bobby with uk love island starting tonight. I was wondering if the u. s. version of love island is a who or them. Okay thank you crunch. Crunch love island will first of all you kayla. Violent them right. it's so popular so fluential. It's a widely covered a uk. Love island them love island. Us huge who not even has not proven itself to be as good as the other even not same thing we just. We don't have the magic there. I'm sorry we don't have the magic. We don't have jokes about his knees. I know weekly I just thought something i. I refused to look into further. So i'm hoping that you guys can explain it to who is all e london Related question the members of. Dt us are are they lose. I think that yes in the united states is of them by now but individual members they have. This'll be who's right. Okay the bill storm. Thank you bye on a general rule. I don't want to talk about ali. London dark energy there that british influence or who has gotten a lot of surgery to look like is it jin from bt s this specifically jen. They're extremely dark. It's not fun to talk about that. But i think this leads us to the perennial question of are any individual members of successful groups pop groups able to be them's before going solo. I think they were like is bt esa them even if all the members are still somewhat. Who's i think the yes and i. It's hard to break out as an individual them. Unless you literally go so like we've seen it with little mix we've seen it with spice girls like with backstreet boys like you don't really up. Obviously the phantoms have their face in the phantoms. Everything about the groups. But like you don't really get to exist outside of your group unless you explicitly leave it right and so far. I don't really think that's happened. Like i guess. I would say the most famous one is jim. That's six months. i know jim. I do think that that that's been a thing I like butter like that song. That's a great saw. What was what trailer were they. Just in oth clifford so funny. They're in a clifford trailer. We didn't talk about clifford up that move. I got to see that movie. That dog is huge catches regal seeing future boss baby to and clifford the big dog first of all a dog that big in new york city. Come on it's cruel and also it's just crazy to me that the whole plotline of this movie is how big the dog is going to say. Is i hope. His organs are as big as his rest of his body. Because that can be a problem in lots of dogs. Fun even go there. Oh my god and you got to cut this. Because it's sad. But like oh. I didn't know sorry to tell you okay..

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