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Catholic health the right way to care. What a great editing job right there by my man Brayton. Did you do that? Did you do that that is called on the fly production? That was really cool. I like that. I'm getting ready for the open. All of a sudden, I didn't even dawn on me. I thought I forgot it was Tuesday. And it says you're ready for a Buffalo Bills. And instead of saying Buffalo Bills Mondays Buffalo Bills Tuesday, like, whoa, wait a minute that didn't sound right. But it sounded great because you did a good job there to buffalo kills football Tuesday. I love it. I was really good. It is a Buffalo Bills football Tuesday here on WGN sports radio five fifty so for tuning in to hear the beautiful pipes of Andrew Peters, Craig mardi Biran. You're not gonna get it today. You're going to get me here on WGN sports radio five fifty Sal, Capriccio, talk and football today. So essentially we've made the first trade of today it is trade deadline day. And we have a trade to report the trade is instigators for extra point show. That's what the trade is today. A lot of you will say you totally lost out on this because you have extra point show in no instigators today. Hey, that's fine. But I invite you to stick around for two hours because. This is your reaction show that we didn't have yesterday because we had a pre action show if you will yesterday yesterday was more about the preview talking about the game the weekend in the NFL today. It's kind of like a normal Monday extra point show, but it's on a Tuesday because we're going to recap. We're gonna talk about what happened yesterday with the bills losing to the New England Patriots on Monday night football and really putting a great effort forth on defense, but not enough on offense which has been the story this year twenty five to six the final score the bills lose to the New England Patriots. And I want to get your thoughts on everything that went down at new airfield yesterday. You know, what you thought whether it's you know, minor details of the game play calling certain plays here. They're whatever or just a general outlook on the team in the game last night. And speaking of general outlook on the team. Gimme that as well. As far as going forward. Today's the trade deadline. For all. I know we could have some report while we're on the air here. So I don't think it will happen. But if we do get some sort of trade whether that is the bills or any other team, I'll have Brayton play the the bell ding, dang. He can hit the bell and say we have a trade to report. I mean, I might get to it first because I see something happened on social media on Twitter. Oh, yeah. By the way, public service announcement for you today. Public service announcement be careful of fake Twitter accounts on a day like today. All right. Like don't be re tweeting or thinking that the fake Ian Rapoport account saying that, you know, the bills traded for Julio Jones or something like that. Don't you gotta be careful. So, you know, instead of seeing Ian Rapoport might be like a one a N into the one looks like an is someone does that like, Ian, right? You know what I'm talking about? Right. Our story. Yes. So got full wants to. Why didn't I didn't retreat at thankfully? Okay. But someone in my notifications last week had re tweeted to me a tweet from supposedly Paul Hamilton. Okay. And I forget, it doesn't even matter. What it was? I don't know if it was about a trade or something. And I'm and I tweeted too. I texted Paul said, did you tweet this? He said, no and Paul is at p. One seven one seven seven. This was at PM one seven capital, I. Yep. Seven and I would not have I didn't notice the little subtle. I know Paul didn't tweet it, and it's a picture of Paul up there. And there's a bio, of course, at the end of the bio it says, this is a fake account. Well, here don't even look seeing that account, and I don't even wanna get give anymore publicity. But that's okay. But I will what I will tell you is I blocked it and reported it when I saw. Yeah. Because. Yeah. Because that's put in Paul's name out there, and people might think he's actually reporting something that makes him look bad when he didn't like snow by Paul a tweet that and the night. That's right. I'm like did you do this? And he said, no I got full a couple of years ago on a fake tyrod Taylor extension report. And then he actually signed an extension after that. But I did. And I wanted. Oh, hey, there we go, right? And of course, you're an idiot while I was at that little verified, check check, Mark. Yeah. Right. No, right. When I so also be sure to check the dates on the tweets because people like to take. Take old tweets retweeted out. Okay. Her tweet them as like, oh, this is happening right now wasn't really it was back from like Tony eleven. Well. I mean, you could do that today. Be right. If you just simply you could kind of recycled every Tuesday, we just quote tweet something that said Browns have fired their head coach like that kind of never goes away. Just goes away. Right. So so public service announcement today, make sure you please watch out for fake Twitter accounts. You will get them today. Reporting trades around the league, especially with the bills you want to look out for that. Because today is the trade deadline at four PM. And like I said Brayton if you could play a bell or something that we get it. I don't think we're gonna get any deals before noon, but we get any deals around the league. I'm sure you can just hit a bell. Breaking news hit this. There you go. There's the breaking news alert. So we'll do that. I I would love to have you play that when the next two hours. I don't think we're gonna have you played that in the next two hours. I just don't think we're looking at any deals. This is probably the kind of day where a deal comes down three three thirty. We start hearing about things. That's when things start happening. The NFL trade deadline's been actually kind of an event not nearly like the NHL or certainly the NBA over the last several years but much better than it has been as far as its own league. And what we've seen over the last several years. The other time we see is right before free agency. We see deals getting made a couple of weeks beforehand. And then it can't be consummated until free. Agency begins we've seen that in the NFL as well. So, you know, why is that I think you have a a a really large group of younger general managers who are a little bit more aggressive, and I do think because they played fantasy football maybe growing up, right? And they're kind of used to that. But I also think because of the salary cap where it's gone, you know, there's so many ways to massage the salary cap. It used to be so cost prohibitive to either trade someone or bring someone in on one or the other especially to treat someone away and all that money that gets thrown into your dead cap. I mean, look at the bills this year, they took over fifty million dollars in dead cap because they were willing to eat that this year for going forward, and they could eat it because that's where the salary cap is. And I also think you do see teams now more forward thinking if you will thinking about the future, you know, the NFL has always been the last bastion of. Nope. We play for winning now. And we're never going to look to the future. And I'm not talking. About tanking just resetting your roster. But now you've seen teams do that. You see the raiders doing that? You see the giants doing that teams are resetting their roster a little bit. And again, it's not tanking. It's at trying to lose. But it is understanding who you are. And what your roster is in going forward? What you need to do to be better in the future. And I think that's a lot of all that put together is why we've had eventful trade deadline's over the past couple of years in the bills were involved last year. Of course, they traded for Kelvin Benjamin at the deadline and Kelvin Benjamin was in the locker room yesterday after the game. And the first question I asked him was about the trade deadline today know, you went through this last year, you were dealt at the trade deadline tomorrow is the deadline a guy on an expiring contract. Your your name's been out there. How do you handle the next know sixteen hours or so? I mean business. Really? About it. Off the game. That's what I'm thinking about. On the game itself. What can you point to the struggles? The offense has had ever had if anything I mean, it's been one touchdown in eight quarters. What do you think the things really holding? You back. I mean, I mean, I say. Man. I mean. No, no. I think we just gotta keep working to keep this. You know because like you said to be having playing lights out. And we know the game come down two points. And we've got to put points on the board. Great..

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