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Albert is Goddamn like Albert became real and he's out my house. My shows up in this house in stand and he. Then that's when we find out that this girl is actually bill cosby's granddaughter. He says yeah that's why you could come out of the TV or something like that. Yeah because you're related to that girl. So she means something to you or she was like Fr- right he was friends with your grandfather was friends. But that's kind of like her grandfather. Whom Fat Albert was basis basis? So he wants to fuck his granddaughter. Sister that's like that's lovecraft the end. That's like a horror jokes in this movie. That's kind of horrifying a writer. I mean there Show up your family. Yes eventually they they make it they make it back into the TV right. They say they're goodbye like He. He makes peace with Bill Cosby and she hugs fat Albert. The girl and she says I remember I know why you're so familiar to me now. Yes you're my GRANDPA. It's because you were based off my grandpa and he says she's like I love you. Fat Albert Yeah. Yeah and then you for being my friend days with like thank you for my grandpa the of the real fat Albert. Yeah he knows. The girl was sad because her GRANDPA who was fat. Albert's like soul. Oh Yes had died before the movie started. This wasn't really explained that the movie until area and at the very end you see a grave. That's like fat Albert the Albert Johnson or whatever and then it's a shot of like every all of his friends who were the other Based off of guys they're all close to death but fat Albert is I because I okay. Yeah the movie ends with the real death of fat Albert and like his gravestone so was fat actually related. You did and how is bill was Bill Cosby is supposed to be the real fat Albert. No Bill Cosby's all of the other guys Saito friend. Yeah Okay House be. Yeah now bill because he never fat Albert was like a spirit cartoon is a manifestation of Bill Cosby. Yeah Fat Albert is a Topa. Did you see that video of him. Walking out of court no. It's video of him walking out he was like walking out of court. And like you know there's a bunch of like you know reporters and photographers whatever. And he just goes her uh-huh lately the last endorphin rush of his entire life saying. Hey Hey hey outside of that courtroom dude I. I'll I'll never forget. The one of the weirdest moments in my life was I was sent on of really is doing a really bad video job early out of my career. You know where I was just like trying to make some money and I was in freaking Alabama weird part of Alabama in a holiday inn or something like for one day and just straight up the whole time just like do where the fuck am I what am I doing. I was finally able to leave in flight was at like six. AM So I was up at three thirty in the morning. Trying to check out of the hotel and get my receipt and there's a person taking a long time in front of me he turns around. It's fucking Bill Cosby. Aw He's Super Bowl really. Yeah like not that long ago and it was just like in town for a Gig. He's in jail now so I don't know what he was doing in Alabama probably had a Gig he he did he booked playing a lot. Yeah but it was like such a you know I didn't. There was one person I saw that I recognized at all and it was bill cosby. Yeah in that lobby at like an unholy our literally three thirty in the morning shake his hand and say hey Mr Cosby huge fan fan. A uh-huh oh yeah. I heard a somebody told me a story about bill cosby like having like these. This like young actress over for dinner and like it was. She brought her friend like this like nineteen year old actress. Yeah and like. She had dinner dinner with like she had dinner with Bill Cosby and Like I guess like they. I don't know how he like found out about it or whatever. But she's like at dinner at his at his house and It's just him in like these two girls and the like chef or whatever which by the way whoever the fucking chef is should probably get indicted to diet to me. That's like I just realized that he was he mixing the drug. It's all so I. Well that's how the he fucking drug these foods and drinks. It was with drinks and so it was well. This is it was him. He was mainly chicken pot pies with roofing literally. I don't know if that's true. No literally like he He was like with Oh they they were about to yes. This is crazy so like they're sitting down and and she's like Oh you you like you know my dad and he like bill cosby was like Like Oh what ah like. Oh what now like I thought you were just some like you know just some like nineteen year old girl. And she's like she's like Oh you know my you know my dad hat and he was like it was like kind of like startled by this information and they were like talking about him for for a little bit and then he like turn turned to chef and was like hold off on the soup. Ovalles I don't not really a funny story. No there's your right they should indict this shows. You joke about how the chef was poisoning. The Shit Yeah story was just that it is that the shaft should be in jail. Bill Cosby's chef should also be jail. Yeah is that fucked. He's up he's giving them like. Yeah rape soup dude crazy. That's the case. Like you would think I know. I hope I hope we don't have more information than the FBI. Whoever is conducted the because I don't think this is like That's like not a story people now. I mean there's a clip from the cosby show probably the viral by now where he's just like at a barbecue and he's you know saying thank God. I put that love potion soup dare and we're GONNA make love to nine. My wife and everyone is like getting sleepy on the show. It's just like are you joking. No I'm not joking real. He has like that whole standard bit about Spanish fly leaky. That was like a big those. I was like clip that he was doing this for decades. Yeah it was a long running. Yeah I always say like a whole Santa bit about Spanish fly like man. There's a drug that will make women go to sleep. You can just fuck like why are we. Why are we all you know where where we all fucking these women so much? No I mean I think he was where that's just not. There were a punchline. Because he's you know I mean. This man was telling people villa. pull up their pants and doing this. I know this man just discovered the economic code for sex. He was really really good at Connie. My God But yeah he's a crazy story. Yeah it's so often the soup hold off on the seat. How much do you think that telephone game to you or is it pretty direct? It's via it. was I say who it was from. A very like the source is a very big person. Big Source Yeah Bill Cosby. I mean we got I guess bill from stories that later I mean we've had classic one that might be confirmed harder later. Yeah about somebody S in their own D. That's that's that's one one. That's a fun one. Yeah but that's that's yeah that's insane. Also I mean just to circle back to the FAT Albert Movie. It seems like they committed. I feel like they didn't Think that this movie is sell that hard so they on the DVD cover at least the the pages peeling back and it's bill cosby and it's like from the mind if bill cosby the amount of the poster well because that was that was bill cosby had was clouded was was very valuable like literally really like bill cosby himself for years. I was like yeah. That's one of the best show in every decade. He had he had kids say the darndest things. Fat Albert Albert in Little Bill Little Bill. Yeah Matthew Revisit Little Bill to yeah. There's Louis the bill drugs as parents. Jesus I find that you have pulled out ever know them anyway. How do we put a positive spin on that? I don't know what he I mean. It'd be dead in two years. You know yeah it would be crazy to go jail that old. Yeah Yeah should've gone in like jared age if I have Bill Cosby came into the prison prison. Where I was at A? He'd be the guy beat up going to impress everybody by beating up on eight. Yeah your weekend we get YTM ND guys at all dog. Yeah I remember like in in six in like middle school like eighth grade ninth grade. I remember loving Cosby bebop down. YTM Andy Dot Com. It was the cosby. It was the cowboy bebop Song Song but like the Bill Cosby Zubay Bob. Yeah you remember this yeah. Of course I remember like on Toon Zone which we've talked about at length before. Yeah this one Erdos. It's not even the bill cosby clips from like the simpsons. Family guy a breath. Yeah I love this early some classics. I remember the guy. Hi who made that. Who made that I remember? He was a he posted on toon zone dot net. Oh my God most likely just some kid lying to you know it definitely definitely was made that. I don't think that was like it was definitely him lemming. I was but I remember like like dealing with him like like that. Felt like I was like damn I'm like talking royalty that was at the first celebrity You ever hobnobbed up to. Yeah that was you know. Yes name my first You know my my My my first brush with clout. You're like how do I get bigger on. YTM Yeah Really Yeah Uh. TMD why was I loved it. It was so funny to me. Most of it didn't age super well. No that was around. The era of hamster dance not it was a lot. Yeah like you know. A lot of it was just a web page. Jagai stole my bike so a lot of guys still your the Guy Stole my bike. Oh Yeah Yeah. I don't remember those old. Remember the ones that are still today so the reason the ones about guys stealing your bike. Some couldn't tell you sound familiar just never I had a bike. Yeah the ones about it. Just you know some guy. Stealing your bag sucks talk if that happens. Yeah yeah yeah well none of us know. Yeah Yeah I forgot remember. Remember Mr Skin Dude. Of course I remember Mister Skin. Do I was like aimed at the listeners did you yeah. Do you guys know about the listeners. The people know what Mr Skin is. I it's your skin was in in Lake Fuck in movie. Yeah he was in in now for something or forty year old man knocked up like a guy came up with the idea and then they said Oh they already have that idea and he said fuck and I was like a whole plot. Line those a whole plot line is that he accidentally invented he. He made Mr Skin and it was Mr Skin still around. What's that is still around? Yeah it's still around. Can you pull that up you would have cacophony. Police pull up. Surprised hasn't been phased out by technical technology. And what you WANNA do as Mr Skin pop in. I WANNA see some skin there you go. Yeah that we've got. Who is that? Anya miskin right there. It looks like a lot right now. Oh heard wild inside freed all naked AAC it. Oh that's the witcher. The hottest nude comers of twenty nineteen. Okay okay the most nude people in one Male immediately Sydney Sweeney on the front page really. Don't switch US backed the theme here. Yeah no they they like. There are no articles it's just naked. Isn't Chen Dan Rutz Celeb- well this is like the news for nervous loved. It's like but it's like softcore perverts. Caesar really interestingly cities literally guys like jacking backing off to scenes from our rated movies entry level. When you were like yes when you were young that was like the only thing you could imagine jerking often? Yeah Titanic just straight up like titanic. Yeah just seeing a tasteful nude scene in that movie that was a big Yes thank you very formative thing for people.

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