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All the better acts for the most part have the budget to have their own sound engineer. So you're basically just babysitting the the sound equipment and helping that person kind of do their GIG and. So it's a lot more. Exciting fun and satisfying being a touring sound engineer were I. Know The act really well and I can dial things in really well, and people are always impressed like the here is like Oh. This sounds good as a record or may be better than the record sometimes because I can control the volume and impact and you know to take that and then go to working like A. Or even like a theater or something where you're spending hours and hours waiting for other people to do stuff without the reward of getting to to mix the show is. It's just I. Don't know it's a different thing but So the reason I got excited about when I said about being dick was I don't know if you know we have a song called Dopey Day. Yes. I was actually just listening to the the Acoustic version. Before before the interview and I was like Oh, my gosh like I forgot they had this song and then of course, I thought about bowling for soup. They also have you know don't be a Dick is well. I didn't yeah and I was like it's like, wow, these songs are so similar like I completely forgot that they both existed together because it had been a while since I listen to ten foot pole and and so So yeah, it was kind of funny taking a listen to it. You'll have to you have to type in or Google don't be a dick by bowling for soup and you'll be like, no. We took with them a long time ago I hope that I wasn't like subconsciously like in the Brady Bunch was the Brady Bunch episode where like what? Greg's writing a song one room Janner Marsha or somebody like here's the song and their sleep, and then the next day they're like, I wrote this song and they start seeing yet. Right, I've I've I can't tell you how many times I've subconsciously wrote a song. That ended up being the exact same melody as a song that I've listened to a billion times and like. It it would take someone else sometimes to pointed out to me I remember one time. I was writing a song and my older brother had come into the room and he was listening to me right does song and he's like you know that's ghost of you and me by less than Jake right and I'm like it is and he's like, yeah, he's like see and I'm like, oh no, it was like so they're the went that. Saved you before you put it on record now put don't be a Dick on two records but anyway I hope it doesn't sound like there's. When the idea struck me i..

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