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Well he got out of that is giving too much way to say he got fired value addeds always yard i'm going he gets early in the film he gets fired after pulling off a really big deal that's actually a very unethical deal yeah so he's questioning that the very first seen in the very first before the film even opens you here his his voice in his head as saying this is not illegal but it sure is unethical her and and he gets can for his trouble and doesn't have a backup plant always ever done is finance from time he's a boy that's all he's cared about and now he's lost completely lost what he winds up doings yet winds at working as a server at a waffle house yeah and uh and things happen absolutely won't described more than that things happened his life changes he encounters danny glover who is a place that brilliantly this the braley this like oh he added deals in life lessons more work in the grill write a bit breaks him down and building backup inmates put tokyo's thing is i'm sorry i'm into a real boy we got danny just we just called submitted to him um and i am fresh no one can be better for the role he couldn't have been more excited to get him for that wrong as we like danny left us like a hit how we're going to be able to get the right performance out of it being a longtime fans of his work here it was an amazing opportunity and it was he's just an iconic human being is danny glover jeff freely damning lover lie and he is so east sharp as attack man like i mean we sat down them and he's taken us through his career 'cause i mean after a few days and said you know people relax round each other and were sitting at lunch were just talking about how he got started in his favour casting directors that were like pushing for gigs and how does the whole bit about him getting cast in a lethal weapon uh how like uh they said this cast murphy vacuum for her name but he was like the cashstrapped was like well not danny glover for for this ron against the cavities black and he said she's like so so.

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