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To have resurface in a stressful environment um it's a red flag the question is how much of the flag is red why bipolar disorder can be kept under control with medication self mutilation where people slash around scam sharp instruments may signal deeper mental health issues i knew somebody was that the cutter oh you know was the cutter the all hamon i'll relay hitomi told me a speak store when when he was in town member and we were um uh he was telling me source he was backstage ready to go on saturday night live cutting himself and if it was so bad that he almost passed out in the s o i mean there's but i mean didn't we just have someone who was in the military and went a little in i now shoot a bunch of people and they're like oh how come we didn't see that coming while we did because the military knew that this guy had been what are you call that like oh here is charged with no courtmartial describe was courtmartial member yeah and the un's share the information with the fbi it's like they're just completely other whatever puel here you're in two thousand six and iraqi girl was raped in her family killed by us soldiers one of them required waivers for criminal activity and a poor educational background he got in the army with uh you know i mean here's a big picture in this article of a guy cohen yeah cutter who's arms are all you see the scars from his arms uh you know what we should we we got to change the whole the whole culture in the military i don't know how to do it i'm the last person to be suggest we have put in have better answers for people with mental health issues in the us reid yeah anyway i you know this was one of those stories um you look at it new i i don't i don't even know where to go where land sea the upside here wireless sending the troops to afghanistan and iraq might be a good question to start um you know um in with this guy you know who's in.

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