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Our next update will be at nine o'clock. Rick chino, NewsRadio seven hundred wwl w Alexa. Inform me getting seven hundred w w from iheartradio. This report is sponsored by shoot point blank, indoor range and gun. Shop come out to the leading indoor shooting range shoe point blank for some fun with family and friends. No membership required and weekly range specials are available providing a great time for beginners and experienced shooters before making plans checkout shoe, pointblank dot com and live confidently. This report is sponsored by discover we treat you like you treat you get your free credit scorecard today, even if you're not a discover customer. It includes your FICO credit score. And checking your scorecard won't hurt your credit. Learn more at discover dot com slash credit scorecard. Limitations apply. Hey, small business owners. Have you ever been fooled by double talk from your internet and phone provider? Did it go something like this get fast internet and phone for a great price? But what they actually mean is slow internet added taxes and fees when Spectrum Business. Says blazing fast internet for forty four ninety nine a month and phone for twenty nine ninety nine a month. They mean it with Spectrum Business. There are no hidden fees. No added phone taxes, and no contracts Spectrum Business internet starting speed is two hundred megabits per second much faster than other providers. Plus if you're stuck in a contract, they'll buy you out of it. No, double talk. Really, no double talk with Spectrum Business. What they say is what they mean. Call eight seven seven to eight five six seven eight nine now to get faster internet and reliable phone with no hidden fees, and no contracts that's eight seven seven to eight five six seven eight nine restrictions apply. Call for details. Islanders in the Caribbean. Like to say that if you don't like the weather, wait, ten minutes. Hi, I'm RIC Edelman, and that's great advice for the stock market to it's easy to get upset when the market falls. But what we have to remember is that this too shall pass. Let's easy to say. But sometimes it.

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