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The players just didn't want it we'll see what happens next meeting the players just weren't on board and were going to follow their leader which to me is a player issue not a manager issue in many cases not every case we know the body valentine was a disaster and now knowing what some of the players have set about that particular season and what a mess it was uh that was at a valentine issue but we're not talking about the same got managerial style for john farrow or the same track record let's go back to our calls here alex is in detroit alex welcome to after hours are your i'm good under the worst cited do get to see the game but i do my radio stayed on cbs radio so i got and and you heard me being a tiger fare you know what you really enter promo through the rain wounded from day warn literally guy arfan watch okay whatever and don't you agree with the first player that about running out of order i want to win i never thought of my life not but i would referred to ask for it and and i view miguel cabrera guy are you know i lay worker mirko fifty luthuli who w m ago but i admit i quit you're you're you know what does it look like for a for order to make out of view laguerie over there for a tiger an an and you know how much you can governor left from here very lander oh gosh i think ver lander has everything left that he could possibly need he seven to know since joining the astra and not only does he have an extra motivation because he still has not one that world series rang he's trying to get back there but this is a guy who is such a big game pitcher be no matter what situation you throw him into like give you the damn ball he's like a wide receiver in the nfl rush limbaugh wanted i want to pitch i want to.

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