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To fifty six hundred thoughts and prayers and i don't give a flying youknowwhat how much that phrase pisses off the left but thoughts and prayers to two of our navy men you might have heard a navy f eighteen fighter jet crashed early this morning off of key west two crew members on board ejected they were rescued but they both died later in the day the jet belong to the vfat to thirteen fighter squadron which is based in oceanic virginia near norfolk i witnesses said that the jet flipped sideways there was a fireball and then the plane just dropped out of the sky it is amazing to me that these two crew members were able to a jacked just amazing clearly something went terribly wrong again this was this was yesterday wednesday off a key west florida a navy f eighteen fighter jet crashing in the waters off a key west two of our men to crew members both crew members who were on board perished it's amazing they ejected they they were able.

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