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And what I always liked to tell a lot of people. You know, it's it's one of those treatments to where you're exposing these chemicals in, you know, in your body, and it's going in your bloodstream, and they're killing both, you know, it's killing both good and bad cells. So it's killing the things that are helping to fight the cancer. And it's killing those cancer cells simultaneously. That's a lot of times people feel you know, week or nauseous or they're losing weight or they're having a ton of you know, all of these reactions, unpleasant and undesirable reactions. I mean, it's it is what? It is it's it's chemicals, you know, foreign foreign bodies hazardous body's going in the body. What I would tell anyone in like, I tell you know, any of my friends, my family strangers on the street that approach me about it. You know, it's all about taking care of ourselves. Now. I mean, there's so many different things with with lifestyle choices, you can exercise a lot people would be so surprised a how much, you know, walking even one mile a day. How far that goes? I mean eating correctly. There's been so many different studies scientific of Lee proven that. There are certain process leaks, processed foods that have an increased risk of developing cancer. You know, those the tickets aren't made up that's real that's part of the reason why we have cancer research teams, you know, to understand what triggers cancer, what makes it grow. What helps it you know to not grow? What you know factors? Go into preventative f. Arts. So I mean, that's I think every older knowledge that that I gain. I've always said that I'm going to share with people, you know, in a in a legal sense as much as I can. But I mean, definitely in focusing on focusing on taking care of your body now and understanding that a lot of people used to say, you know, cancers and old person's disease, but that's just absolutely not true anymore. I have patients who are unfortunately, you know, battling stage four cancer and they're twenty five and twenty six years old right now. Yeah..

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