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On this he'll take the best deal he can get trump is right mcconnell is right ryan his right you get the most jess you can and who is not willing to compromise rand paul paul ron johnson dean heller and susan collins those are the four for killing healthcare in america they are killing healthcare in america were also on the phone stay detroit good morning steve our yet uh good i gotta go to a train in fact about twenty thanks for taking my call you love you but you know what i don't like this law i've asked you about it before you gave me your answer but it's like a war ladies in washington are going to dictate what i get and they're going to get something different i want a doctor what are you some of the latter coal and they're imposing their agenda and and i'm just i just had the republicans taking crush because they haven't done anything for me start up for the country not the party and both sites but it all you uh i want to pick up actor oh i'm sure going to happen that way hey but no no what save because of today you're gonna not pick your doctor in ever you're going to go to the national health board just like great britain because of susan collins dienel or ron johnson and rand paul and just don't forget that when i don't get the pick anything it susan collins dean heller ron johnson in and rand paul that's who did it at all the secrets that contract it i know but you and i are real us you're going to go teach tactical response aren't you acupuncture i active share you i know you do teaching tactical response the political facts on the ground right now you can't have everybody that you want doing what you want because the countries of big place so you must not make the perfect the enemy of the good you take the most that you can and you get it thank you my friend third my relief factor dot com is running at the hotel didn't bring it into the studio said you know what i'll forget it i just not going to take that risk i could leave in my studio at home but it in bring their but i took it as you ought to.

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