Donald Trump, President Trump, Russia discussed on Monocle 24: Midori House


And a piece which comes with a huge heritage again they something trump denies if he's to be the president of peace i'm not quite sure where this title came from it's kind of one off deals with no transacts no peace i don't bother about anything that may follow on from that well i want to move on now to russia and ukraine the longest bridge in europe stretches some nineteen kilometres across the kerch strait linking russia's crescent chris dr krasnodar region on there i got it with the crimean peninsula in the east side of crimea the kremlin says it's opening marks the physical reunification of crimea with the russian mainland appoint president vladimir putin was eager to make clear today with his maiden journey across the bridge behind the wheel of a truck is there nothing this man can't do also became slightly awkward symbol of russia's place in the world perhaps prompting questions of whether building a bridge to crimea might have burned bridges elsewhere jonathan how much of this is about nba's for mr putin is his it is symbolic is highly symbolic that he was driving a truck and he had truckers jeans onum was was playing the he wasn't that bad chested as far as telling did that does that so i mean there is this huge symbolism of this thing but also economically the links you said crimea with the rest of russia makes tourism easier and so on so it serves as most bridges do some kind of purpose but it's a bubble another assertion by putin the crimea this is russian i've done my thing and if you europeans complain about this too bad for you what are you gonna do please.

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