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They were nine and 31 from three. And you love the other team to 23 point shots. And the other team shot nearly 50% from the field. No, it's a tough spot you down 02. You got to say something. You don't want the players to think that the coach has lost belief in this team. But if we put Mike Budenholzer on a lie detector last night He would be lying off the charts. He's gonna tell me this team got better. And I told you it's going into the game last night, Makin It may be my biggest pet peeve in sports. When I hear these words, I cringe. Oh, we're going home and then also, Hey, A series isn't over. And you don't get worried. That's what people tell me. But I also didn't say this, but that's what he means by when we're going home. I hate when people go. Oh, you don't press the big fat red panic button until you lose one on your home court. You down. 02? Yeah. Zero pulse in the first two games. The other team ran circles around you and every facet of the game. Monty Williams is out. Coach your ass. The Suns players have totally been so much better than your team. Game One was an inspiring game two other than Yanis. What is there to write home about? This guy is going to basically tell me after the game home, we got better. What did you get better at? And now we're not worried because we're going home. Give me a break Bs. This is all things that needs to be taken into context. So I think that quote is valuable when a team if they would have lost both games in overtime, or by by three points combined. Then you take that quote because we lost both, and there's still a decent We have our home court. We can very easily. We still talked me into winning the series exactly when it comes out to this way. Now It's just a bull quote to just say something and get something out because it's very easy to say that and to be fair, Like what else? Are you going to tell the team after the game, and there's cameras in your faces and all of that? No, No, I disagree as a coach, your job is to keep them up for the next game. There's no you can't give up. Now you're down to a even though you've looked as bad as you've looked. What else are you gonna tell them? No. You're going to say nose to the grindstone. Let's go. We're taking Game three. I would have rather have had that approach. He basically told me last night, Okay? We're not concerned, which which is fine, but the part that really got under my skin. Was we got better. What suggested you What showed you what was tangible to grab from Game number two. That told you? Oh, the bucks got better. I keep on saying it's the honest Janice wasn't bad in game number one, he was dominant in Game number two. It was a waste of performance. If I am, though, a box fan, and if that's the only thing you could tell me is Yannis. Well, I just saw in game number two. Yannis plays great of the game that you play can't be much better than that. This team still didn't show up. We knew this was a problem going into the postseason. It was Middleton and then drew holiday. Were they going to be able to show up when it mattered the most and all throughout the postseason? Sure, there's been some bumps. There's been some turbulence Game one Middleton at the game winning shot against the heat. They sweep the heat in four. They're down to all against the Nets injuries that factor into that series late in Game seven, though Middleton did not play well early on Through. Holly didn't play well early on. When the moment mattered that when the moment was the biggest and the lights shine down the brightest, those guys showed up. In the last round. Janice gets hurt. I know Trae Young also got hurt. Give credit to Middleton had 23 points in the third quarter of that close out game. True holiday and Milton played well and they won two games. This is the different though, And even though the sons have had some injuries in the finals they've never had Catastrophic injuries. And unless the only way I can make an argument right now for the Bucks win in this series Is either Chris Paul. For Devin Booker gets hurt. As long as Chris Paul and Devin Booker are able to play. I don't see how you make an argument right now for the bucks to win this series, and I was the fool that told you a few days ago that the bucks we're gonna win in seven. Barring injury, there's they have no chance. They're losing this series in five or six and Zach For a two sports that had excellent post seasons in the NHL and NBA. Both finals have been awash. The Stanley Cup final was pathetic. It was and I love hockey, but it was unless if you were a Tampa Bay fan, it was boring. And sure Vasilevskiy was awesome. And that Tampa team is is wonderful. Being back to back Stanley Cup champions this the NBA Finals. I was convinced we were going to get a really good finals. I picked Bucks and seven. I even said it when I said it was all right, so that you have a lot of confidence behind the pick. It would not surprise me. Either way, who ends up putting this series the way this series is playing out, though? We're right now, if you made me make a prediction Would probably tell you sons and five I won't go sons and four because I do think that the bucks are going to be able to find a way to take one on their home court. But on the in the same breath I look at Phoenix. I thought going in Haven't said last night they will split in Milwaukee. That's why last night was so imperative to me. Milwaukee other than Yannis and a little bit of Pat. Content on come on, No one shot showed up. And you guys did not get better. For Bud. You're right if they lost on a heartbreaking shot at the end, three point shot bridges just drills that are Booker just drills it in the corner. Alright, you could sell me on you got better. Would love to be in that locker room and just follow pay. But how exactly did the bucks got better? And you know why we're here? Charlie Brown stuff. What? What? What? What? What? What's wrong? This series is over. Sons are one in the series. The question just becomes and.

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