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So he was having cybersex with what he thought was Mrs may die because they would they would do that quite a bit only it was Mr Maytag finish him off that's too bad yeah I mean we've all probably finish up by men in our lives whether we knew it was virtually but I mean this isn't even billing Michelle this is Michelle's account this is Michelle get it to bill but bill seems to be the one doing all the interacting in calling and posting pictures so I don't know to control your life will monumental day in the music world Yutaka margin Kerr was born today in history right yeah and so the John setting is crafted yet another genius game for us this is a listener this is a listener I didn't know that you know who is it rider ninety beats great idea yeah yeah oh yeah did not well see you that ride or die TV I usually like to have too much pride to use anything anybody says something about him like I feel like he gets it so much I don't have any you know my pride is not messing with you definitely get to it and we'll get to our game next for fantastic prizes seven two seven five seven nine one oh two five eight hundred seven seven one one two five will go plug in the price match thanks a lot and.

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