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Traffic and weather every ten minutes on the tens from TempStar heating and cooling products. Johnny. I'd like to give you a hug. Are you busy? Well, yeah. I was going to do the report take a rain check on maybe it'll maybe later from TempStar heating and cooling products. Mister, Johnny would have washed my hands right now. Three fifteen northbound's got an accident scene north of Goodell. They have moved it out of the way all lanes are reopen here. They all lanes blocked until they moved into the side. So we're heavily backed up and improving north of seventy and especially coming off six seventy west onto three fifteen north at ramp backed up through Neil avenue downtown we do have another ramp closed dot closing seventy Westbound's ramp to seventy one south at Duda roadwork. And that's backed up through downtown to the moments your detour seventy west two west broad and back eastbound on seventy accident scene. One sixty one east of sawmill in one yet to clear highstreet in Weber traffic sponsored by rock auto dot com. The online auto parts store with everything from complex electrical parts for modern daily drivers to brake shoes for favorites orderonline. Twenty four seven the parts delivered directly to your home or office. Visit auto dot com. For a lively low prices, everyday, traffic and weather every ten minutes on the tens for TempStar customer, your next updates at six thirty nine Johnny hill. Newsradio six ten WTVN. Just a reminder to eight minutes away from an instant grand in your hand thousand dollars to do what you want and it's easy. You just text in the keyword to two hundred two hundred that chance coming up here real quick. All right,.

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