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33 degrees at 2 30. Good afternoon. I'm Jen DeSalvo. The news is sponsored by Per Maciel basement systems. The reward has increased, too. Find the suspect in a fatal hit and run that happened in Little village. We'll tell you about that in a minute. But first WGN traffic with Mary Vandevelde all clear on the Eaton's in mount Side of the Kennedy about 38 from O'Hare and 32 from the Edens on anywhere. It's tight from North Avenue. Eisenhower is slow from Ashland into the Jane Byrne interchange. The up on side of the Stephen sent to 3 55. 24 minutes. Then Ryan's okay along with Tollway's police activity, West Side North and Luna and also in Bloomingdale, an accident at Lake and Madonna and a carol Stream of Army Trail in County Farm Road. Merry Band of LGBT in Traffic, Central Illinois, reporting move 7359 new coronavirus cases and 117 additional deaths. Including a female in her twenties. The statewide positivity rate for the past week is 8.6%. Meanwhile, Indiana reporting 4347 You coronavirus cases today and 129 additional deaths Now the state right positivity rate over there is 17.8%. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is proposing a full shutdown right after Christmas, similar to what happened in the spring. DiBlasio says coronavirus data continues to head in the wrong direction and thanks a shutdown of all non essential businesses. Is needed In the weeks ahead. However, he thinks it would only last for a matter of weeks and police are looking for a GMC A Katya made sometime between 8 4012. It struck 86 year old at least. Yo Mendoza three weeks ago near 26. Sawyer just blocks from his home, Mendoza had seven daughters. He was also a grandfather and a great grandfather. The reward is now $25,000. For help finding the driver, WGN Sports Northwestern host Quincy Today in college basketball game starts in about 15 minutes at 2 45 the tip off at three with Dave and it and Joey Meyer right here on 7, 20, WGN and over at WGN radio dot com. In other play. Minnesota visits Illinois for college hoops, Chicago state said. Illinois State and Loyola visits number 13, Wisconsin, The forecast from the Perma CIA weather Center today mostly cloudy flurries are possible it'll be in the lower thirties. As the highs for today. Tonight it'll still be.

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