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This cuter sexual male male guys groups yet. Gernon straight guy. So there's this stereotype sports fan day. You're much of your nine year and just imagining another of the stereotype ball. A white male guy. That'll be the stereotype of ball. Chinese gernon chinese stray. Yeah yes so so. This term is used. I wanted to denigrate but it really puts off the street guys into this group. That kind of doesn't enjoy fashion. Show doesn't enjoy pop. Show play too much video games nor taking care of their looks too much and usually you might say somebody's two genera like touching to say that they really don't know how to appreciate other people's feelings or talk to even understand feelings. I was the more political correct way to say it. But it's very popular us if you say somebody's tetra nyla like everybody will know what you mean. So obviously the fan base of tissue cohen bearer on the opposite side. they're nauseous touching groups. There's an all right. Laurie have all two straight at all. They're usually young girls who are attracted by this very fashionable and just very good looking young chinese milstar but since they don't overlap that much with sports coupe there sports fans move. They usually don't have a good grasp of how good a sports star really can be or was the level of good athleticism race so tests..

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