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It was so fresh. So delicious, and we later found out that the poke bowl that we love so much was named after our friend Issa is like best friend who lives in tamarindo. Records run the guy was starting his restaurant because he had some restaurants in tamarindo too. She would come in and make this poking. There's a place in Cameron called bamboo sushi owned by the same people. And so it's sushi poke and moruca was like, oh, well, you should put this in the poke bowl. And she was right because it's the perfect pokeball and it's called the poke. So that's what we would get. So refreshing. It's an Argentinian restaurant with seafood, so they have awesomes. And they've got it was just incredible. I mean, they do everything well there. Another funny story. Talking about how we know, you know, small town stuff. So the poke bowl was named after now our friend, but a friend of a friend, then when I told we know like 5 people in this town, I'm not even kidding. When I told one of our Friends of a friend who was a realtor, that I was like, I love this little place in brazza lito. He's like, oh, Patagonia, demarc, there's not anything else out there. And he said, yeah, he goes, yeah. My Friends are like, I am the reason Patagonia del mar is there because I know the chef and my Friends are the one who own that land. His friends from Minnesota own this huge swath of land, the most beautiful corner of Costa Rica. They own it. And he said, yeah, so I put the chef in contact with the landowner and they decided to do a restaurant that I thought. Well done. What a weird, so Jared, thank you because it is Paradise on earth. It really is. And they've just done an incredible job with the whole atmosphere there at Patagonia del mar, and then also not even just that but the people who work there are the most accommodating loveliest people the first time we went there and the kids, I was putting hattie in the booster seat and I pinched her finger by accident. They brought her over ice cream. Yeah, she was crying and they just brought over ice cream. And ever since, they brought us out dessert of like fried bananas and ice cream every time. I mean, we went easily ten times in a three month stretch. And we didn't even find it until halfway through our trip. So Patagonia del mar. I know that when you guys listen to our best meals, we've heard that a lot of people take the recommendations, especially the number one. Of course, that makes sense. You're counting down. A lot of people have gone to the place in Barcelona. That Spain I miss you. Yeah, so if you're gonna go to one or two of these places, one of them has to be Patagonia. Go to Costa Rica for patagonian delmar. I mean, it'll be worth it. And go to beata bowls. There you go. Either at the Saturday market and tamarind or on the way to Patagonia, the more frontier hit them up one of the best bang bangs in the world. All that is to say that was your number one a my number by one a and you weren't here for it. So oh, okay. So sandwich that you had this breakfast sandwich that you had in Connecticut that you and Jason were like losing your minds. I mean, yes, you kept going on. Yes. I'm excited to ruin your number one. Please. Is that one of all I'm saying? This is one that people could go to. Like, you don't have to go to Costa Rica to go here. There is a small oil town called Kent Connecticut right up where we held our camp in the event. And it's a cute quaint quintessential New England town. And there's some decent restaurants here. Well, a new one just opened called Wilson's and they have bomb salads. Like, we went and got a salad. The one 'cause we wanted to eat something healthy. And it was phenomenal. And it's brand new. So after everyone left camp, Jason and I and Stephanie stayed that night to decompress and then the next morning, Jay and I before we back to the airport, let's go to that Wilson's place. They had good salads. Maybe you have some good stuff for breakfast. We went, they have a breakfast sandwich. On bagel, it was like the best it was the best breakfast sandwich I've ever had. And the reason was because the bagel was so crunchy on the outside but area on the inside. You know, sometimes you get bagel sandwiches, and it's breakfast sandwich, and you love proportions. Yeah, I'm not usually a big fan of bagel sandwiches. Because there's too much bagel, right? Bread for the proportions of egg cheese, bacon, whatever you get on it. I got egg cheese bacon egg and cheese. So did J this is so crispy on the outside and so area in the middle that the proportions are perfect. We got this and both of their saying like, this is the best thing I've eaten this year. Oh my gosh, we were shocked because we knew the food was good. Yeah. But we didn't know the breakfast sandwiches that great. Which then let us, of course, to having to get a cinnamon roll. And I'm not kidding when I say that Jason sat there, so we just had this breakfast sandwich we were like in love with it. He took a first place in a row, he put his head back on the couch, eyes rolled back and just said, this is the best thing I've ever eaten in my life. And he was so he was in a state of nirvana. And I had it and it was very, very good. So go to Wilson's and Ken Connecticut, again, the salad you're awesome. I'm sure there are other sandwiches are amazing. The thing about it is it's new. So I went and asked like, do you guys have spots anywhere else? This is a new restaurant. Usually you don't hear how the park this quickly that your food is incredible. I said, no, this is our first spot. Well done. So Wilson's in Kent, Connecticut. Breakfast sandwich, any sandwich, salad, dessert, doesn't matter. Number one. One a one B Patagonia demar. One cable. So there you guys have it. Okay, wow, we were gonna try to keep that one short. We managed to talk for 40 9 minutes about our best meals. We don't promise to be concise. To be expected to be expected. Guys, definitely reach out. This is what we love about doing the best meals one because everyone, not everyone. 99% of you travel and seek out new food experiences when you travel. That's one of the really fun parts about traveling. So let us know what warrior best meals of 2021 because if you give us a list on Instagram, there is a decent chance that we will try to get there, especially if you're putting in the U.S. because I have a feeling that 2022, we're going to do quite a bit of domestic traveling. Maybe quite a bit of road tripping. So give us reasons to go to different places. What were your best meals at 2022 or 2021? They might be our best meals of 2022, reach out to us on Instagram at extra pack of peanuts. So thank you guys for listening for all the love as usual. Have anything to say about meals? Oh, just that I'm excited for some new places in 2022 and going back to a lot of our faves. Name.

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