Gary Patterson, Baker Mayfield, Football discussed on Championship Drive


Uh perhaps baker mayfield uses the pregame warmup as targetpractice against opposing teams to accurate they basically that's what gary patterson is getting to right now yes and i don't know if you saw the us but he just said that you know certain former quarterback seat texas tech and former coaches a texas tech enjoyed hitting opposing players with passes in the pregame and of course he's talking about former texas tight quarters by baker mayfield and former texas tech assistant lincoln rally now the head coach in oklahoma god i love this figure could we ask for anything more now gimme pettiness that's what college football is that's why ole miss mississippi stayed have they have like patrolmen on the sidelines when they play and this is you know i mean this is another thing of college football that continues to rear its head of of these guys listen there's no love lost between gary patterson and baker mayfield baker still upset that he never got a scholarship off her of from t see you back in the day and they've gone back and forth with it so yeah kinda cana intriguing i think it's i think it'll be a great match i still think oklahoma is a better squad and that one but with kenny hill uh looking a little bit healthier it is tough to beat a defensive minded team twice in you can tell patterson definitely is trying to uh to a sturdy amp piled it'll be going into that the the big toe championship which oddly enough first time in six years guys could be the do a could could really hose the big twelve when it comes to actually getting a team in the college football player.

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