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See podcast network. I'm your host. Kevin mahalick appreciate you guys tuning in. It is monday. September twentieth two weeks away from the end of the regular season for major league baseball and a lot left to happened. A lot to talk about with you guys taking place over the weekend. So let's dive right into it here in our fourth and final segment. First off the first thing to discuss is eddie. Rosario hit for the cycle for the atlanta braves. This past sunday in their game against the san francisco giants. But what made this cycle. Even more impressive is than resort. Rio did so while only seeing five total pitches to hit for that cycle. Of course the cycle is a single double triple home run on the same game. So he got four. Hits on only five pitches. He didn't work to count. he didn't work the at bat. He saw what he wanted early on and took advantage of it. According to baseball reference database. It is the fewest number of pitches seen by a player who hit for the cycle since at least nine thousand nine hundred ninety rosario hit and oh one double in the second inning. Hey first pitch triple in the fifth inning a first pitch home run in the seventh inning and then a first pitch single in the ninth inning. So he didn't wait around. He wasn't walking. He wasn't striking out. He said i'm going up there with a plan. And i'm going to get after it was certainly impressive hitting for the cycle. After seeing just five total pitches. Rosario became the second braves player to hit for the cycle. This season joining freddie freeman. Who accomplished the feat just a month ago on august. Eighteenth against the marlins and the only other players in major league baseball to hit for the cycle this year or trey turner and drake cronin worth turner during his time with the nationals. I believe may have been in. La can't remember that my head. But jake cronin worth with the padres so it goes to show only four cycles have been hit this year and we've had what nine no hitters thrown so about half as likely to see a cycle then even a no hitter so far this season but it was a huge producer for their game against the giants the braves ultimately winning by a score of three to nothing and what was a game they needed after losing the first two to the giants out there in san francisco but rosario and his nineteen games since joining the braves is slashing three twenty. Three seventy five seven forty. He almost as as many home runs with five as strikeouts as he only has six strikeouts. He has been a key reason why they've been able to replace the production of okunola junior and osuna him so layer and duval have certainly been stellar out there in the for the braves but resort an extremely impressive feat hitting for the cycle and just five pitches on sunday for the braves. Also on sunday we saw shohei ohtani returned to the mountains and he was excellent once again despite having his scheduled start against the oakland a.'s. Push back a couple of days to arm soreness. And at that point we had read some reports that we may not see him pitch again. This year we actually saw tani returned to the mound and he was sharp on sunday. He struck out ten guys over eight strong innings to help solidify a front runner position for that. Mvp award in the american league otani did give up a pair of solo home runs and was stuck with a no decision before the angels fell three two two in ten innings in the series finale. Otani came up just short in his quest for his tenth victory but his line is a pitcher now stands at nine and two with eight three two eight and one hundred forty six strikeouts in one hundred in twenty three innings over the course of twenty two starts angels manager. Joe madden said. He did beautifully. He competed again. He started missing bats again. He had pretty much everything working. Today he gave up two homers otherwise he was outstanding. It was really well done so otani again. He opened up. The game is fast ball touch ninety nine miles an hour in the first inning which was nice to see. After he had lost some velocity his past couple of outings. People were worried about his physical health. He would be able to pitch once again. He went back out for the eighth inning. When he was at ninety pitches loaded the basis with one out but was able to get out of it with a pop up in strikeout to escape the jam so otani again eight strong innings after we thought we may not see him on the mound here once again. It was certainly nice to see an outing like that from the potential american league. Mvp award winner also had a nice moment in cincinnati. Compliments of mookie. Betts i mean the dodgers right fielder just gets it right. In the bottom of the sixth-inning reds pinch hit or tj. Friedel hit the first pitch for lever. Tony got someone into the right field seats. The home run was fritos first. Big-league hit and right after that bats went to the fan who caught the home run in the stands and he could be seen communicating with them and kind of bargaining right. It looked like he was trying to get the ball back for free on the kid to get his first hit and get the baseball now. Ultimately the fan did toss the ball down to the fields. And you thought to yourself. Hey it's his first hit. Maybe mook he's just saying. Throw me the ball. We gotta get it back. Gotta give it to the kid but ultimately the next half inning. When bets ran back out to right he brought a baseball bat with him so he traded a signed baseball bat to the guy who caught the home run ball just so a guy on the reds could have his first major league hit and get the ball and be able to take it home so bets. Doing something nice for somebody on the other team is just absolutely fantastic and it was great to see once again. Mookie is the man who plays with them says they enjoy him as a person and just a guy who gets it out there. As traded a fan of bats to ultimately get that baseball back for the kid on the reds to have himself a memoir for the rest of his life you also had a suspension handed out in major league baseball and major league baseball levied eight. Three game suspension against white sox. Mike right for attention throwing at shohei ohtani over the past game sin. You had manager tony. Larussa was given a one game suspension. Larussa impressively this is ninety first ejection of his career. The suspension stems from a three pinch incident in which right badly missed on consecutive balls and then eventually plucking otani in the leg with his third offering right has appealed the suspension so he will be available adult on if it will remain at three games if it will be shorten but overall you guys have heard me say this you get one chance to throw it a got. I don't care what happened the day before the game before the week before. Whatever you're dealing with out there but you don't get three opportunities you can't miss with two pitches and then hit the guy on the third. Okay just you get one right and if you miss you miss it's over move on you're done with so it becomes extremely obvious about intense and that you were clearly trying to hit the batter at that point. When it's the third offering that ultimately plunk him in the leg so i certainly understand the suspensions. I think they're going to stand. I don't think that they will. The appeal will be held. And they'll be shortened here in any way another feel-good story here. The cleveland indians are selecting. The contract of outfielder turn pitcher. Anthony ghosts as first reported by the indians here. The left-hander will be appearing in the majors for the first time since twenty six team and the first time ever as a pitcher ghosts who is now thirty one years old was a two way star in high school and two second round draft pick by the phillies back in two thousand and eight..

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