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Here it can hear those words at some point right there. You know. It's like did you. When they were when they were first born did you toss him into the pool. They'll figure it out. Figure it out. Yep that's exactly what I did that old thing. Hey man so you get a For for those. Who have have seen it. Then you know exactly what I'm talking about those who haven't I mean there's so much I don't want to spoil right now For for season two. So I'll just kind of give you the floor and say you know what dead to me is for you and what you've been informed fans can expect for those who do know what's going on how about that. Yeah Yeah Yeah. Yeah no it's It is a is a spoiler. Yeah it's it's it's a it's a twist and turn heavy show so yeah. The first season was last year and Got Picked up for the second season. I you know I the first season I play Kind of a fun. Douchebag Guy Steve and he'd meets his demise at the end of it. Yes At the hand of the lovely Christina applegate and I thought that was kind of the end of it. I was in for one season and That was done and then the show became a big hit. And of course I add a little foam. Oh and and I was like on my knees grovelling trying to get my worm my way back into the show so I said Liz feldman an email saying hey is there any. You've been googling seeing if you can survive a traumatic head wound crowning if if that is there room for a this guy like of course. Of course she said No. Thank you very much. Nice try. Yeah and so that she came back and was like you know you actually got me thinking and we were trying to figure out a way you know. Bring you back in. I don't WanNa ruin anything for anybody either but I guess there's enough spoilers out there to at least address you know in what capacity. I come back to. What do you think yes absolutely? Yeah you're your twin. Well the twin brother so we went down to classic soap opera. Trump's which you know admittedly is a little side of this sort of Corny like come on. GimMe a break But we sort of leaned into it and had a little fun with it this season. It isn't what I mean but it's a fun show to watch. It's fun show to watch and Linda CARTOLINI's too and she's just dynamite and and Christina applegate. We had here on the show a couple years ago. It's kind of a way James An anchorman reunion every day. That you have right there. Yes it is. Yeah we Christina and I have Worked together Twice before and never seen each other. We never saw each other on anchorman. We never shared a scene together. We also did voice over movie together where we never saw each other either because we just lend our voices to the projects and this is like a way for us to finally worked together for time right in each other's Actual an actual company What was it like on the Anchorman? Set James Gimme good story from that one. You GotTa story from that one. Yeah I it was just watching those guys do their thing. You know those boys Paul and all the guys From big slick but It was amazing. I mean this is like it's rare that you get that opportunity to be a part of a movie or at least the you know the sequel to a film that inspired you And in the comedy world when you're trying to make it as an actor In Hollywood and then it's GonNa come into anchorman to play with those guys. It's like first of all you better like you know you gotta be gotta be sharp but But it was amazing watching. I mean it was the most laid back it was a party. It was like it reminded me of being in high school. And you and your buddies getting together with a camcorder and you know doing you know stupid. Little bits for your own self satisfying amusement dried And that was kind of the journey. Man James Marsden here on the rich. Eisen show a couple more minutes left with you sir and I appreciate you taking the time today On this Wednesday you are from Stillwater Oklahoma. So that it it's an easy. Ask here Right your your college team. We all know who your college team is. Correct that's right. Yeah that's right I although I will say I I will say I was there for and they shouldn't have any effect on my affection for the school but I was there for three semesters to sort of experience. The the social side of going to college fraternity right So my allegiance is still with the cowboys. Come but it but it was never I was never die. You know that Oklahoma is die. Hard of course die hard College College sports and and You know I was more into the theater. Rich I was. I was honing that crap honing that craft as opposed to Because again I imagine. Is that Dallas Cowboys Country Oklahoma right. It's it's it's like half Dallas cowboys have chiefs chief slit right down the middle and I I at the time I didn't really I was. I was very indifferent. I I knew I lean more toward the chiefs. I'm not just saying that. Because they've they've they've been mom's crazy lately but right and you know and and winning but For some reason I just grew up. Not Not vibe and the cowboys I don't know why maybe because so many people in my family like the cowboys I just had that could be it and plus so as mahomes on your fantasy team. Is that why you also because you're you got never got? I never got pat. Moms a friend of mine who joined our league for the first time this year. No sorry last year was trying to draft him early and I was like Nah. Nah You can wait on that guy. The Tenth Eleventh Round and I think he went and like the the eighth round and then of course was the number one quarterback on the year who you're in the league with who are you in a league with anybody namedrop in a league Yeah I lied earlier. Two years ago I was into leaks but now I try to keep it in one leg and it's kind of silly is okay. It's it's it's like the Marvel Superhero action argue. Saying it's like it's Rod. It's Chris Evans. And drill to that guys yes so Evanston reached out to me about five years ago and it was like I know you're into this game You WanNa come join us and I was like With you know sure yeah. It looks like it's like yeah. It's it's Jeremy Renner and then Kaczynski and it's a it's a crazy It's about as as annoyingly. Hollywood is it can get. That's not annoying it all James. I think people are fascinated to see. Who's ass you kicked? So did you win it? Did you know I was second this year though to WHO? Who Want it did win? Oh I forgot who won. I Dunno I forget Evans one two years in a row or sent. All we cared about was taking him down. Gosh Yeah Yeah and if you ever need any help James I'm here for Ya. I can help. I know I've I've I've I hadn't seen you in years. We run into each other gauge only. It always makes me very happy when I see you right back at you and I know I always to come on here and talk to you wish. Obviously I was sitting opposite you and a good distance over the phone C. I miss you and and and I'm going to try whatever the season whatever the year the rest of the year holds for the season. Let's do it I'm Gonna I'M GONNA. Let's stay in contact because I'M GONNA. I'm GonNa hope that there's going to be a season in some fashion. I the same number James that I'm going to be knocking on your door for some fantasy l. I got the same number..

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