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Support for this mpr podcast and the following message comes from comcast for today's students a home internet connection is more essential than ever internet essentials from comcast has connected over four million low income americans too low cost high speed internet at home giving every student the opportunity to succeed next the story about what that what brexit could mean for french fishermen when the uk leaves the european union the effect on businesses will go far beyond britain entrance joanna kiss as brings us a story from the french coast the city of bologna sarah mary just across the english channel from britain is france's number one fishing port the fishing boats he'll get most of their catch in british waters and they bring their haul back to a very busy seaside market one of the most popular fish at the cats is soul which is all over the fish market here today it's in practically every stalled and everybody's buying it mafi law fontane is supervising one of the twenty fishmonger stalls here she's almost out of seoul and claude kelley we stuck woke up with two a soul and code and terrvent tunnel we get his sole from british waters ends this is a worry a weary because britain has voted to leave the european union and when the divorce his final the uk goal also leave what's called the common fisheries policy that would make the uk an independent coastal state and restrict the catch a french fishermen like jeremy devil go who nets 70 percent that seven zero percent of his catch in english waters he frowns as he lowers metal trades for fish onto his new boat stooges of the local level of older age digital i fished for ten years and recently bow to bigger boats specifically to work in english woto's i mowed and three hundred thousand euros in debt and i am so stressed.

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