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All right now I want to announce that on Tomorrow. Um, Bishop Gators will be traveling to watch it in D. C. Okay. My staff and I Will be traveling to watching in D C tomorrow night to take part of the Million Maga March, the biggest Trump rally in history, which will officially take place on the six of January, right in the year of 2021 this coming Wednesday. At 12 noon at the National Mall. So we want to give you guys the updates as to what is going on in our nation's capital, and we will be broadcasting doing a broadcasting off event event. Okay, we're going to be taping that. For you guys. So that way you can have it for posterity. Now, let's go through what is going on right now? Now the state of Georgia has absolutely lost their minds. Okay, now the crack news network CNN with Don sweetie Lemon. Christopher afraid of Cuomo, and then you got MSNBC with Rachel. Mad cow Mad al the media, the American Media industrial complex. Absolutely lost their minds. Okay? And they're saying that President Trump is forcing a lot of officials in Washington, D C. To find some votes for President Trump. That's a lie, okay? Is they know that they had cheated. They have scammed. They have robbed this great president off a second term, but I believe some way somehow President Trump will stay in office. Okay? I don't know how God is going to do it. But the other day over the weekend. The Um the GOP Senate. Okay, uh, vetoed On this past Friday. To override President Trump's veto of the sweeping defense bill, known as the National Defense Authorization Act. Delivering a bipartisan rebuke to the president in his final days in office. No President Trump's Vito Force the Republicans. To decide whether did defy the president in support. Legislation that sets defense policy for the nation. So. The legislation, however, originally passed both the House in the Senate. With veto proof. Majorities in the House vetoed on Monday to override the veto. And I to my understanding New Yorkers. It was the final vote was 81 to 13 far above. A two thirds majority needed. Another words, both the house in the Senate Not just on the lap. But both the house in the Senate on the right The traders. Everyone. They're all traitors. Did you hear Mitch McConnell said the other day that we are not going to pass the stimulus package. That would give every American at $2000 check. Why? Because, according to Mitt Romney, Mitt, Romney said, And I quote That's too much money for one person to have women in their I'm confused. Mitt Romney, You are a multi millionaire. Thereby when you use bank capital to destroy mom and pop businesses. He had been doing this Mitt Romney for the past 15 to 20 years. And now Mitt Romney, Mitch McConnell. And the rest of the GOP are saying for the most part That's too much money for the American people to have. Wait a minute. You got American Patriots. Who had put these people into power. Both in the House and the Senate on the right. And you have politicians like Mitch McConnell. Politicians like Mitt Romney who don't care about you, the American people. They're telling you, You only deserve a $600 check. What is $600 going to do? To feed a family, a 2345 or six The American people need help now. Like it was a month ago. They can't wait. Until after the inauguration. They cannot wait for two or three months down the line. So Mitch McConnell is a trader. Mitt Romney is a trader. These men don't love God, They don't love America. And they said to me, Don't let the constitution the original constitution of 17 76. And they don't love the declaration of independence and they don't love the bill of rights. The GOP house. And, more specifically, the G O P Senate have sold out the American people. Why? Because they're in the pockets. Of the deep state. This is your host and moderator today, Bishop litigators. The host of the nationally syndicated radio show Global Spiritual Revolution Radio. On the world's number one radio station. W. R 17. A M Network, The Voice of New York. What in the world is going on with the Republican Party. They veto a bill that would strengthen our military. Get more jobs to defense contracting corporations like Raytheon. And Locky Martin. Because Mitch McConnell Mitt Romney is in the pockets of the deep state. And now you have a majority. In the Senate. In the GOP. Who had been trying to subvert you, sir. The presidency off President Donald J. Trump from day one. And this is the reason why we, the American people. We stand behind our president. We support our President, President Donald J. Trump. And let me tell you this. Clone Joe Biden. You would never be President. Joe Biden, you went. I don't care if you take the inaugural. If you take the oath of office, Joe Biden, you will never be my president, and you would never be the people's president. This is your host and moderator today. Bishop litigators..

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