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Most generous decisions ever made by the head of a large company, the CEO gave all rights back to Bob may a year later, the mass market release of the book made the wards copywriter a rich man and with a book a bestseller numerous toy and product deals were soon. Cut amaze entire life revolved around a story. He had told to comfort a worry daughter remarried and with a growing family Bob couldn't imagine anything else that could improve his wonderful life. Then his brother-in-law Johnny marks decided to adapt. The story into a song marks who had written music for a number of major recording stars hoped that the voice of Christmas Bing Crosby would record the song. Rudolph the red nosed reindeer when Crosby past marks offered the song to Dinah Shore. She wasn't interested. Either other artists were given the demo, but none of them wanted. It finally cowboy star, gene, Autry was approached and marks figured that. Autry might be looking. In for a follow up to his earlier Christmas hit here comes Santa Claus. Besides gene, unlike being Dina, often sang songs children were his main audience, but like Crosby and shore. And the other artists Autry was unimpressed. He had already discovered a song. He felt would become a seasonal children's classic in. If it didn't snow this Christmas. There was no doubt that the favorite title was a great song and a perfect children's single but marks begged gene to give route off a second. Listen, the writer figured that. Autry might find a place for the misunderstood reindeer on the b side of the record. Gene took marks demo home and played it for his wife Aina as they listened. Autry, scoffed that there were already too many songs about reindeer. But I never thought differently Columbia records wanted Autry to record four songs for a Christmas release and Rudolf was the last song chosen while Bing Crosby and Dinah Shore looked on gene. Autry is Rudolph the red nosed reindeer? Streaked to number one on the charts. It would soon become the second best selling Christmas song of all time just behind white Christmas through books records television specials and movies for tens of millions of children of all ages. Rudolph has become as much a symbol for the secular wonder of the Christmas season as Santa Claus while there are many lessons to be learned from this magical story, including that while it takes courage to be different being different can be a blessing..

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