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This wound. Healed somewhat announced their own fast food award show called the fast with logo like a local. That's kind of similar to my logo and the name that's extremely similar to my name and also had the had the temerity to issue a press. Release saying this was the fast food the first fast food award show of all time. That's so screwed. Yeah Yeah so they I mean God. Bless the people who follow me on twitter. Most of them were ninety nine percent of the more not crazy kind of took to both twitter and instagram. To like tell through like what the score was And I mean it didn't really change anything because through. This kind of an impermeable is impervious to criticism. That started told nature. I've heard other people like in Carmel. Of all fantasy everything basically said that they re pissed off and they did and only about two days later. They did all fantasy everything. Rip Off of fast food which is exactly the episode of all fantasy everything that I hit a period upon God. Do you have an axe working? They're they're shameless. The only thing they've done so but like the fact of the matter is their thing. I didn't watch it and it's not. It was a thirty minute Youtube Event. And that's a very different form. Thank God it's a very different format than my ten instagram videos. Rolling out to for day over weak. And so you know it's over and I hope that we don't hear from that thing again. Though it's it also had a little bit strange cross promotion we're like del. Taco was tweeting about it and and the long John Silver's tweeting about it and it seemed like you know at least the by wards there's some pretense of fairness where we're not enlisting. The people were giving the awards to to promote it and That seemed a little fishy in my mind. That wraps up. I think we've covered my instagram. And obviously anyone who's the slightest bit interested in a fast food snack food or whatever should check it out and it's acting locally on Instagram And I do this pretty much every day. There's new content on at least my instagram story. Which is often foreign fast food reviews or whatever people sending what I love is that you do re post other people's reviews it feels very interactive in that you are forming a community in a way or just interacting with the community already existed. It's it's really really cool. In that way they send me the refuse. Always ask permission to post them to spray on and because other that's I don't like sources that are appropriate content without adding all right so as you said this is not. This is more of a hobby a passion project. Then maybe something that you put on a resume. You have done so much cool work. Obviously that people love and adore. We recently interviewed Josh about some of the projects that you guys had worked on but you had told us that they were a couple of things that never were filmed that you guys had worked on some pilots. Can you share anything about that? Oh Yeah I got about seven things as a roadmap for Josh's episode which was terrific by the way you guys were using our IMDB which only list projects that were actually made right and that only represents probably about percent of the projects we've done over the years and also As we progress further I can talk about products that we've done separately to. We started as you discuss. We started working separately around two thousand nine ten So but there's a number of fairly interesting projects we did together that are worthy of talking about one of which. I would like to discuss foray into the world of movies. Yeah which fucking sucks like like screen. I think the thing that's like screen. There's a certain level of screenwriter. Who is very in demand and and you know always getting asked too expensive Reno two-week punch-ups for a hundred thousand dollars and stuff like that. And I think the rest of screenwriters are kind of like the working stiffs. And there's so much stuff that the raiders give has been fighting against for deck for more than a decade now like sweepstakes pitching when it's like they WANNA do they. WanNa do a bewitched movie everybody. They want ten thousand people to walk in the door with a tape for free. And that's called sweepstakes pitching I call bake off to. I don't know if you don't have much time. It takes to do that. Like redevelopment is L- expensive and like that's like but I will say that that we did it for what we did it for a couple of things we did it for one for Gilligan's island movie and we got it will be an this was. This was actually extremely. I think the thing is that a lot of people think you'll guns island is stupid and Brady Bunch of stupid and the worker Sherwood Schwartz is crummy we love show which Schwarzman he's one of my greatest heroes in the history of television like the Brady. I have religious devotion to the Brady Bunch. I'm glad to hand the Brady bunch movies. Were fucking great. Yeah I agree. I think that was the woodstock of our generation. Yes but I'm fifteen years older than you or whatever so I don't know what else we're children of divorced. Cool Dad's the RUGRATS. He'll be was your get out of here. Okay pokemon movie anyway so this so at the Brady would we went. We came up with this. Take for Gilligan's island which is basically just kind of weaving together. All the greatest episodes like the seven greatest episodes of going inside that already existed and into a larger story about them getting rescued and so forth. And we got. And we met with Sherwood Schwartz a couple of times and it was fantastic and he was really nice and I was so delighted. Because sometimes you meet guys like this your heroes and they're assholes but this guy was great and it was a huge honor to work with him and his son Lloyd Schwartz and we sold this movie and and it was gonna make we were GONNA make it. And then they just he couldn't get the rights. Because you know what sure which own all the rights to Gilligan's island Phil Silvers State of Phil Silvers owns the rights to give one's island and basically over the course of the next several years it just gradually fell apart because they couldn't get the rights the Schwarz's could not get the rights to their own. Thank God the Phil Silvers. So that was one thing we did. Then we did. I think we basically did a rental before five other movie things. Would it be? Okay if I interjected with with Gilligan's island story yeah so I was just thinking about how when I had started working at mad magazine A lot of crazy people are mad. Fans a lot of really normal amazing people are met fans. But wow about so many things in Hollywood. I mean it takes a certain type of person who's going to find out how to contact an editorial mad. You know I got this message. It's already so bad This is a direct message to my personal twitter account The Sky said a smart funny cutie. Like you should want mad magazine to adapt my book as a special issue About Trump's island. It's hilarious and it's an all it needs as illustrations plus Gilligan's island is owned by Warner Brothers. So it would be very easy to do you smart. Funny Cutie. You helped me sell this and I will like you on J. Date. Kenyans also not chewing. Have you ever received like this? You smart funny q. U. I don't get enough one Sam Donaldson ideas but yeah I would. I need to get a few more than what I what I like to keep the twitter direct messages open man. But there's there's a folder where it shows the requests right And then you get to accept or decline it. So this was in my accepted erm. Im restricted section. But so he follows up and he says he tells me how to do it. He says all you have to do is tell business affairs to option the book. I rep the writer bigger salary than your current companion mad about trump That it's not have any new material about trump's island And he just goes on and tells me how why it's GonNa be Great But basically his idea was to have young trump On the island in nineteen sixty nine and so he wants to have a Gilligan's island with trump. Do you think your idea is better than this..

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