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Peru yeah um i want your here we are analyst parallel powered by voter perogative it's something that i reflect quite at that armed vinkovici national voter registration act that you're talking about part hill added a second part keeping the role of queen but the first part of all about voter registration rhianna call for you know government offer fair to register people anytime they come in poipet the envy or their peggy your guy was late and hamper barrett performed document wooldridge said about the motorvoter law right that's like the motorvoter portion right go ahead one thing i'm trying to get the word out on and highlighted as much as possible if that the election integrity commission i hear that with quotes around integrity iraq on it for the fact that they're going to go after the first half of that law thank you want in kansas of course up kovac and wine in arizona where they tried to enter went proof of citizenship in it uh wrapped up bumped up again something in the end we are a and the supreme court and the supreme court said you can't do that right the supreme court even this supreme court just it was just a few years ago war and they said hair is only you can't do that it's preempted by the national motoritss of by the national voter as is the envy ari whichever that is dude i have that right yes so on it and we are a established hair's um they they make their own voter registration form but it also has a national voter registration for him and it basically pumped up again at that proof of citizenship warding incurred nfl veteran facial form so here kovacs going to go after that part of the law and get trump for get and back crime then taper on the country can implement proof of citizenship but only congress can change their fire when only congress can changes only congress slowing have right now at that uh though at all well we still hillary now let me say well i understand we got to fight but beth is understand reality this has to go through both houses of congress one of the two as the congress's the united states in the united states senate still has the filibuster the.

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