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So we talked a little bit about some of the games on the week eleven slate against sixteen on a by. So you might be scrambling a little bit for your fantasy roster one game. We didn't really touch on was Dallas. And Atlanta another game that could potentially be high scoring. What are your thoughts on this game? Believe games in Atlanta this year of averaged sixty five points the falcons. Thirty four points a game at home giving up thirty points a game. You could say there has been thunderstruck. And yes, I was disappointed. You didn't ask me? If I knew this play a song that I know what was it. Yeah. I think really you're starting just about everyone this game. It could be really interesting to see Maury Cooper in this game. Because he's been very involved. The first two weeks in Dallas and week one is worth touchdown. So he's really good week to wasn't quite as good. But this could be a monster game for got him as a low in number two running wide receiver. But the upside is much much higher. I'm a little bit higher on him. I think he's got top fifteen upside. I just think again you look at eighteen targets for him. This two games since he's come to Dallas. This is what we were hoping to see is entire career. You know, certainly it started out that way for him when he got into the NFL. And then the last two years have been frustrating. But the Cowboys making the trade they've used him the way that he should be used. And hopefully that they need the running game for the falcons Kevin Coleman coming off last week. Your thoughts on him this week. Yeah. I'm still going to go back to Coleman. He's a number two running back, and there's some risk there. Smith could steal a touchdown for him. And he got sixty five total yards and not be that great. But I. I think you have to start him. I'd rather start him. Then Leonard fournette this week interesting. I'll I'll still go for that. But I do think that Coleman is another guy that could be top fifteen just based on what his role is Sean Lee not being there for the Cowboys that impacts that run defense we've seen over the last two years. He's missed nine games. I believe in six of those are running back said at least eleven PR points. So Coleman should have the chance to in. What seems to be a high scoring affair. We already told you that that Prescott. One of the better streaming options at quarterback couple injuries of note. Sammy Watkins we talked about this nights Beckett's play after missing practice on Saturday. But we may get some good news on the wide receiver front. Kiki q. The slot receiver for the Texans could come back after missing two games with a hamstring injury, your interest level in Cutie would be what this is going to be interesting because there aren't a ton of targets to go around and Houston to Shawn Watson doesn't throw the ball that much and he throws about a third of the time to de'andre Hopkins. So splitting those targets between KiKi Cutie and Demaria's Thomas a little bit of a risk, especially for Thomas. I think this is more of a this hurts Thomas then I'm excited about starting. Not for me. They're both number four wide receivers this week. I would agree with that. As well. Marvin Jones not expected to play for the lions we saw Kenny golladay. Just get every target that you could possibly handle ten targets in the second half. Jones got hurt in the in the third quarter of that game against the bears. They breaks out of his three game slump and has a big game. Now, he gets the face a defense that has some good players in the secondary. You know, James bradberry could make things a little bit tough on golladay. But I know you're expecting. I'm expecting a ton of targets for him. How much does it? Help us out outlook this week. Yeah. I think he has number one wide receiver upside they are going to move coverage towards him because there's nobody else to cover his offense. Theo Riddick slot wide receiver. Luke Wilson is going to be there tight end. So like there's no other threats, but golly tight with special player that can go make plays over two guys. And I do expect Stafford's gonna throw it to him double digit times, and he'll give you top fifteen production, and he should be very warm after practicing in the snow this week, despite the fact that the lions play their next four games indoors. But that is a story for another day. Let's take some phone calls now as you can continue to call us up on fantasy football on CBS sports radio. Eight five five two one two four CBS eight five five two one two four thousand seven George you're in Michigan. It's gotta be called outside. Why would you stay outside? If you don't have to. Absolutely, man. You got. Smart man, George what? Quick question. Okay. And what do you think about? So Marlin MAC or Lamar Miller over Philip Lindsay. I will say this, George I I know it doesn't seem as if he has a guarantee role. He has a guaranteed role. Here's the Broncos best running back, but given your uncertainty. Heath would you consider playing Marlin macro Lamar Miller over Philip Lindsey? I think MAC is the guy if you if you're gonna bench Philip Lindsay, but we're not going to recommend that you do that. I'd start Lindsey over other wonderful. Yes. Mac as a very very tough match-up against the titans. Their run defenses in terms of fancy points allowed to running backs. The titans are the best in the NFL. Whereas the chargers down Denzel Perryman, they may get joy Bosa back, but that's not really gonna help their run defense. The one concern I do have about Lindsay. And again, he's our started week. You're on CBS sports. They just lost another offensive lineman. They are down to offensive lineman going into this game. I still think Philip Lindsey will be special enough talent to overcome that in this game against the chargers. Jerry in Detroit where we're sticking with this. Michigan theme here. I hope you're inside to Jerry not practicing out in the snow. Hey, guys, doing good. I hope you're warm. The song Jackson are frequent Smith. All right. John jackson. What's your other question for us? Would you trade? I got. I was offered golden and gronkowski forum. I think the the second one's easier. Right. You're not gonna trade for golden Satan row. No, no. I think that the Sean Jackson trae Kwan. Smith one's interesting and non NPR, I'm still gonna go with Jackson. I am encouraged by the fact that Todd Mark I'm going to go back and assume the play calling. We don't need any more color. Her. This game. That's all I care about. I think Jackson is a good chance to get behind. The defense sodas trick wants myth there the same type of wide receiver. I just expect Jackson to get more targets. So I'd start Jackson, and I can understand if you wanna go with the upside of Smith, and I'm gonna go check on either one. I don't think either guys to catch a ton of passes. But I'm counting on Kwan to find the endzone your arms gonna take the track record two home games. Two touchdowns. That's secondary. For the eagles. I like the match up a little better for take wants myth but teeth point. I think this may have one or two more catches neither guys going to be a high volume receiver. Now, I know the next caller, certainly has no weather issues. And we appreciate you sticking with us out in Hawaii. So then you're on ion, Tennessee football and CBS sports radio. Ear buddy. I'm sorry. Go ahead. I'm having some trouble. Marvin Jones is out already and I'm having questionable Sammy Watkins here. Need to start to between courtly sudden, Josh Reynolds, shake one. I could also pick up fishing. Okay. So you choices are two and a PR league, Cortlandt Sutton. Josh Reynolds, shake wants myth or pick Christian Kirk. Yeah, we're starting trick. Once I think that's the one that we would we would both definitely agree on. I actually would rather. I think there's a decent chance to Josh Kronfeld towards a touchdown this week. But that's all you're probably going to get for him. I would actually drop Josh Reynolds pickup Christian Kirk and start him. I think that's a better play. You know, look, we didn't get a great Christian Kirk game last week for them against cheese. But the cheese secondary at home has really played. Well, it's where they've struggled has been on the road. And now Kirk gets the play the raiders in Arizona. We know the raiders are obviously pretty bad. Everywhere defensively. But this could be a good game for Christopher agree. Josh drop Josh Reynolds, while there may be upside there, I don't know if the upside will actually be better than what Christian Kirk is. So we're in agreement on that trick wants myth and Christian Kirk our next call is Jacob you're on ion fantasy football on CBS sports radio. I have a question about the running back spa in the flex spot. Open two four I have David Johnson canal and Mark Ingram. And. Jordan Howard, the non league. Okay. How are you? With defensive players. We're pretty good with that. Yeah. We we can handle that God Taliban in vanish and Jordan hit. Okay. On the first question. I think it's really the only really it all we're starting David. We love love love David Johnson that matchup against the raiders defense. They're using him the right way. Now, he is a top five running back in non PR for both of us that you're starting am. And I'm still starting Cheonan. I would too. It's not the easiest matchup, especially non PR because Chris Harris is gonna make things a little bit difficult. But Mark Ingram seems to be a little bit touchdown dependent. And Jordan Howard is definitely touched on dependent. So Jacob it was Taliban. Smith Vandereycken who was the third guy. Do you? Remember, the third guy was I don't. But I we might go a different direction on this. But I actually like a lot. That's that's the guy. He had thirteen tackles last weekend. Exception got two games already double digit tackles. When when Johnny's been Alexandra. She's been the man. I that's who I'd start. Yeah. Emmy looked Alvin Smith dig interception last week kind of land in his lap. When Molly Cox dropped it. But never a bad idea to play somebody in that Jaguars defense because it typically real good. I'm politized ticket for not knowing the third guy, but the two linebackers you have there should do very well John in Baltimore, you're on ion fantasy football on CBS sports radio. Okay. I got a couple of quick ones. First off my flak ITO Seth duck Martin or golden. Quarterback. Shawn Watson or if it's Patrick. Okay. So flex bought Edo Smith Doug Martin, golden. I'm gonna go with Doug Martin. I it's not a good game script for him. But he has caught a couple kept passes over the last few games. More importantly zone has been very bad against rang backs. Martin's been running hot when he gets the opportunity. So I'm starting Doug Martin over those guys too. And I know what you're saying about game script, but I don't think Arizona's offense is gonna blow off no blow the doors off this raiders defense. Whereas the raiders can't actually somewhat keep pace with the cardinals here even on the road. So I don't know if it's a horrible game for him. He's averaged four point six yards per carry in the three games marshawn Lynch has been out and at least eighty nine total yards and two of those. So he's not a bad option at all. And then I think we're both in agreement. Shawn Watson, or if it's bad Fitzpatrick ranked ahead of DeShaun Watson. But I'll just say it's like, I I both projected for within half a fantasy point if you're scared of Fitzpatrick getting benched, then you can start Shawn Watson high floors for Fitzpatrick higher. I'm sorry. Hi floors for Watson higher ceiling is for all right there. What we're in agreement on that? One Ernest in Texas, you're on fantasy football on CBS sports radio. Guys. Thanks for taking my call. The previous caller, I believe there's. So I think the other two were still better. Thank you for paying attention. That. So we appreciate that. Even need a candy. If. Podcast listener, none the less. We appreciate that as well. All right. What's your question? All right, sir. I'm having with a flex down by Dato getting to hear what that so usually I can start that James white right in the flex. But now I'm trying to decide between DJ more from the Panthers or Beal Riddick from the. That was a better one way. Quite happily NPR, Barbara femur. Oh pain, Barbara. Okay. So DJ more theoretic or Peyton barber in the flex pot and half point PBR. I think DJ more THEO Riddick.

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