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How are you? Hey, Trish, Grabow John sending Seth Kushner. Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you. Thank you. I just wanted to tell you that I'm one of the elderly ladies that show. Did you say disc golf? Why don't we just go have a Felicia performing contests while we're at it? I'm having some fun. What about regular golf? You. Don't play real golf. No, I don't. But. This that sounds like so much fun. And every time you badmouthed this golf. I think is you seem like a disc off guy. Thanks. We've got to do something for the fifty five and up community. John. I don't know if they're discussing crowds. I don't necessarily know either foot. Golf's fun. Yeah. The living. You got a kick. You know? That's a lot of the hip flexor. Those are holding disc golf if you go over fifty five years old, you're talking about slipped disc golf. Thank you very much. She likes him with the silver, FOX. What is your age? And what? And what do you do other than disc off to keep yourself active? Happy birthday. I play Mahjong, but I played with the youngest out not an older crowd. I do a lot of things. Okay. Have you ever played strip strip monopoly? Monopoly. Okay. I like her. She's perfect. We need her for the event. She's played strip. Sorry. Well, listen, I know I know they are they're still coffee clicks, a girls get a coffee clutch, or whatever they call it. Like a girl a bunch of Santas get together and have coffee, so. You know, get together with your ladies. And and coming soon to oh my God. You know, where I wanna have a guys would you would you.

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