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Com which supports a charitable stuff around kobe. And just overall you bet you've inspired so many people you inspired me inspired or upgrade collective members on the line today and i wish you the very best going forward thank you thank you so much. Thanks for having me today. We got a good episode of good collective because have any Any final questions here. I was channeling their questions through to you. Bonnie had a couple of good ones in one wanna raise a hand in ask. Amanda question as we're finishing up which is the middle of the afternoon so deborah's ready so if you can do one question from deborah deborah gopher it. Let's see if we can channel your audio properly. Amanda i'm a member of the san diego theater community and i send my love. I don't know nick. Are you personally. But i have that. We know a lot of people in common and we watched your hall Your saga and your strength was Phenomenal from what we saw. And we our hearts for just hurting for you. And as you know all the theatres broadway still shut down and most regional theaters are still shut down. Nine is just wondering if you had any wisdom or or A message that you want us to send to all the stage actors out there who are still out of work. I think If anyone's gonna come back bigger and better and stronger after this it's show people there's no people like show people. They smile when things are down. We sing about it. I mean broadway is gonna come back. These theaters are gonna come back with bigger and better jazz hands than you could ever imagine. Because it's just a nate in our blood to wanna get back and create and perform and when it happens it will happen and it'll be safe and it'll be grand and it'll be wonderful to be able to go back into theater into see a live show and just hold on tight. It's coming at so close. It is so so close. It's been a journey but it's coming back and and it's gonna be bigger and better than than ever there. you go. deborah that's That's pretty darn inspiring. I think right by the way All of the stuff that people are pining for the the cruise ship industry. The the most expensive suites are selling out right away at the conference. The first time. I've done in a couple years in in-person event coming up The biking conference the vip ticket sales are through the roof. So if i'm gonna go. I wanna go all the way so i think when the theaters open. We're gonna see people saying i want the front row. People are so excited to just be back doing things that i think that you know that appreciation for stage for musicals for being able to go to see a show i think is going to be so gratifying for the performers. Because it's really art. That is just missing right. Now in everyone's life will thank you for that Extra bit of inspiration for all of the people working in in show business because it is a part of human society and it really matters in. We can't go for years without it because that's not how humans work beautiful. Well guys from the upgrade collective thank you for all of your Your audience support today. And i will see you guys if you want to in about another half hour because days of day will be a fun interview coming up here and amanda thank you for your time and your energy and all the good stuff. You're doing that really appreciate you and always here to help. Thank you so much so nice to meet you. Bulletproof radio was created. This hosted by dave asprey the executive producer darcy. Himes podcast.

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