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This is I mean, you wanna talk about World Series MVP thirteen time all star at cetera et cetera et cetera. Okay. Fine. One hundred eleven postseason innings pitched for Mariana Rivera over thirty two series in his postseason career. Forty two saves eleven earned runs. That's what it all on the line in a part of the season where somebody gets on first base and you as a fan big games over. That's it somebody that's on. I they're scoring and you're gonna blow it you're gonna lose. It Rivera was his close to anything of the end the game hippie automatic endgame button just merely entering as San man coming out of the pen is anybody ever and nobody's ever going to do this again point seven oh career postseason ERA. That's the lowest career postseason the ever. And I will say this. You wanna name the top five New York? Yankees of all time of all time since they put on pinstripes. Top-five Yankees of all time, Alex Rodriguez. No stop. Oh, stop it. Shut up. I mean trolling Mr. Bronson Arroyo over there. Okay. Babe. Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Joe DiMaggio. Mickey Mantle Mariano Rivera. And I know who I'm leaving off the list. Really? He's close though. He's close. No, no, no, no. I'm talking Yogi Berra Whitey Ford. And I know Derek Jeter who has you know, I say is the most perfect person that's ever been there. Easy. I'm rich. Lou.

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