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Beck Giancarlo Sopo he is a guy who knows what socialism and totalitarianism is and is a democrat and standing against democratic, socialism. And we, know wondering how we got here from from the time of John f. Kennedy and I think I know the answer but let me. Go through a couple of names, here just Giancarlo I'd like to get your columnist because you. Know the progressive caucus. Is sort of the thing. That I I've noticed this is the real separation. Line and you, go through and you have you have the Ted lieu and Barbara Lee and Maxine Waters and Keith Ellison, and Elijah, Cummings and a. Lot of these big. Names that people recognize and. There's always been on the, Republican side there's really, conservatives that would fall. Into a group however when. You look at the progressive caucus it is. Forty percent. Of elected Democrats in the house it's not like a few people in their seventy Seven people, in the progressive caucus if you look at the freedom caucus what were their twenty pm ten twenty maybe yeah and. Again you know this this is a big split. There, is am I recognising the split correctly, there with the progressive caucus and how I mean how. Do we explain that it's such a large number Well I, think. They're they're like I said? Before I think? There is an effort in the media to normalize far left editions. In a way that is simply not not not not the case with you know. Positions that we would typically associated with the far right so where the investigative. Reports on the democratic socialists in America for instance right why is nobody asking Alexandra Okaz yo Cortez why she's going around campaigning with an, organization that is well government so nobody's asking. These kinds of hard questions because there is a tendency to believe and I think this has been inculcated. During the education system in many ways, it's not even taught that, somehow the tyranny that. People lived, in under the, Soviet Union was in some. Ways part, of a well intentioned but botched economic system not just not true it was an, evil system that ruined the? Lives known to people in Killed everything about what. Is it like one hundred million people that that that the extremism of the leftist is somehow more acceptable than what's typically associated with the, extremism on the right which would say something. Like like these who are not not right these are people are status So I believe that's what's driving it you also have though just keep or not. Covering this they're not talking about it look last year a friend of mine who's, active in democratic politics told me. That that he was on a on a conference call and Keith Ellison said this is right after he became vice chair of the DNC than under, his leadership the DNC is gonna feel like the days that they. Were marching with Che Guevara That has been insane comments. For anyone, in national politics to make I cannot confirm that he made it but if it's. True that he made it I mean that should have. Been a front page story, in every publication in the United States but meter but nobody's interested. In talking, about this kind, of stuff because they want to focus on on some of, the more extremists elements of. The GOP base and I think there. Has to be a, greater sense of fairness I mean, you cannot cover antiga fundamentally. Different than the. Way that you cover the all right you. Have to cover them equally because they're both extreme I have to tell. You I would bet, you ninety five percent of my audience right now same disguise not a democrat there's. No way you're democrat because I'm never heard a Democrats say these things never never Yeah we'll we'll look. Here's a, tapping blend in and and when I was younger in my career I worked in. Politics happening is way way way way I wanna I. Wanna hear this fully let, me just take a quick break then you come back and explain. To us. Why we've not, heard this from any democrat or anybody in the in the, news that's on the right I think you're exactly right you've diagnosed the problem Glenn Beck mercury When you need to know, I heart radio nine seventy, WFL a, game Steve hall, our top, story ten thirty manatee county parks and. Natural resource director Charlie hunt sicker says a company will begin cleaning up dead fish. From local canals this week is the process like this is in a back bay area is done literally with nets and, boats by hand mechanical cleaning that you might have seen another cases. Around this country just don't have the maneuvering space in some. Of these canals red tide continues to impact the beaches from, penelas south Charlotte counties with hundreds of thousands of dead fish scattered. All about Head. On crash kills three near z. hills stories next refers to check the roads now here's daisy ash the. Train traffic center. Powered by, Burgess heating, and, air westbound i., four slows from the Selma connected, to south onto, seventy five or slows, into, Howard, Armenia, with, an accident on the left shoulder crash on our ten at Stony Brook.

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