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News radio i'm jill nato president trump taking a step towards guncontrol telling the justice department to come up with a ban on bumps stocks the devices that can turn guns into machine guns like the one used in last year's las vegas massacre but that memo may conflict with congress california democrat dianne feinstein so she's glad president trump understands bump stock should be illegal but warns of ban through the administrative action could be tied up in court for years arguing instead legislation is the only answer in a tweet florida republican carlos kerr belo also called the president's memo a good first step in washington jared halpern fox news despite the presence of her lucky rescue dog lucy american skier lindsay vaughn only taking bronze in the women's downhill for what may be her last asked olympic competition fox news we report you decide this is fox on justice lewis bennett and his wife isabelle at held men were on a delayed honeymoon sailing on their catamaran off the bahamas one evening last may according to bennett he activated the autopilot asked his wife to keep watch and went below deck to get some sleep at some point he says there was an accident the ship was damaged as the fbi tells it bennett grabbed his luggage at t sat in a jar of peanut butter and got into a liferaft as for his wife she was missing her body has never been found bennett asked florida's probate court to have his abella declared a legally dead police were suspicious the damage on the boat seemed to be intentional not accidental they asked bet it did you light any flares to look for your wife no did you shout her name no did you look for her in the water no phanord is now charged with second degree murder on the high seas the fbi says the motive that had wanted access to his wife's bank account and our home and delray beach florida the fox on justice hank wind.

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