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And honestly I talked myself out of it by the time they announced it. As you do you're just like I'm not going to be disappointed I know I haven't won and so when I won I, it was just really Very cool. Yeah you've been nominated before, but that was the first time you'd run of is the first time I want and I'd actually I had been nominated. Want and stayed on the ballot. Then I had been nominated once in there was a unfortunate issue with it having. been put in the wrong category. And I ended up withdrawing from the ballot that year because if I had moved categories, I would have bumped three people off the other ballot and I. Because they were tied and I didn't WanNa do that. You've been nominated for Roy fantasy where to do you think. Do you think of words are valuable. Oh No. I mean aside from the it's really nice to win win because it makes you feel good that. I do know that. I think it increases your stock a little bit I know that I've talked to an Leckie of who was a classmate at Clarion, west and sort of irritated us all by winning every single award that she could the first year she published a novel in and she said, yeah, it's it's made a difference to her career that she won. The Hugo Nebula one I forget what Pompton Crook she won. Clark aboard she just disgusting and I love a but if didn't I have to kill. Waiting talented. I, mean. The what one is the Aurora award here in Canada. And what for this podcast? Actually the first time I went in for novel but then I went for the podcast urine and and it's really nice. It gives you something. But especially in the case of the Aurora, which is a pretty small market up here I can't say have noticed any and notice any uptick in sales. But every time a book comes out, they'll put you can. You can not legally but morally say award winning author so there is that Get An award like I, have my Nebula sitting on my shelf I can look at it and It's really pretty and it reminds me. That people read my books in like them because writing is so. Solitary as you know. This might be reminded that it's not entirely. What on that? That's kind of the the big. Question which. was headed to. Which is, why do it then? Why do you and what do you think any of us right and why right this kind of stuff in particular. I think to certain extent. At least I need a lot of writers who like myself we right because we kinda have to we are always making stories we are watching A. Paper Cup floating down in the gutter kind of going along the street and we're constructing narrative in our head where it's the brave little paper Cup in. It's you know it's sort of I mean we just we make stories all the time. And we like. Making them because making artists pleasurable. Making artists very pleasurable when it when other people like kid build store ego but making art is simply pleasurable for the sake of making art. and. Knowing that you created something cruel that nobody else could create. But I think most writers would her have actually he's proud of their. wrote without any particular expectation that anybody was going to you know wasn't going to get published. And even if you're getting published, which is.

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