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Like to know and meet grandpa Booker because grandpa Booker had a big impact man that guy is rolling. Well, you you see you hear talk. You hear the voices in the background of the locker room all the excitement and the museum in it's great to have a defensive team. That's how competitive against each other that they all wanna make plays, and they all are making place because you know, you look at the office of side of the ball. You can't make a play unless you're offensive line is blocking correctly. If you're quarterbacks making the right reads everybody has to do their job defensively. His enthusiasm is contagious to every guy that gets reps on the field. You think back to Vic Fangio's a couple of weeks ago when they were talking when Khalil kind of burst on the scene after that Green Bay game, you said not one ounce of prima Donna and this guy. Right. And that's what you love to hear. If you're Chicago fan if you're fan of football. You know, unfortunately, you look around the league, and it's the prima donnas. The wide receivers, you know, some of the quarterbacks, but these guys Khalil Mack comes inches. Does his job with great efficiency and an unbelievable success and continues to just be that even keel? Yeah. I mean that unbelievable of a player. One of the first things he says is to be the best teammate as possible. And you get a guy like that in the locker room with that attitude. I mean, everybody's gonna be on board. And you have to take a look at what he's meant for everybody else. Thirteen different defensive players either have a sack or a takeaway through four games. That's unbelievable. Well, it's reality. Because that's who he is. And he will he will command double teams here. He's going to sometimes command triple team and somebody's gonna make I keep Thomas brought up from the day. The season began his curiosity before Khalil Mack. Even awry was all those defensive players in the nineties those number ninety guys. And can you guys imagine? And Mark Rhody included. Can you guys imagine all those ninety guys playing to their potential? I'm talking about Eddie Goldman. I'm talking about John of the bullet. I'm talking about ROY Robertson Harris whose developing I'm talking about Aaron Lynch got a new lease on life. And then I'll nickel allow Nichols. All those guys will benefit. I mean, I think it is going to happen. It's going to be interesting to see how some guys kind of react because while Nichols is cost possibly taking away reps from Jonathan Bullard. Now, how was Jonathan Bullard is he gonna put his head in the sand? Or is he going to start practicing harder start playing harder at the line of scrimmage. Another thing too. That really stands that he talked about the double and triple teams with Khalil Mack. He likes taking those on because you watch him out there in the the want to that he has is real. And I think that rubs off on some of the other players as well. You know, he doesn't wanna be double and triple teamed. But but he is out there not taking plays off and trying to fight through those. And since one thousand nine hundred eighty six only to bears offensive players one player of the month. Nine hundred eighty six Neil Anderson, two thousand six Rex Grossman. And again as as Doug statistical analysis and preparation and research, I have I bear since Charles Chaplin in October of twenty twelve so it's a rare thing, and it's a rare thing to get a one on one with Cologne. Maxwell good job. Mark rhody. He's not into that not to want.

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