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All right how did dawn fry manage to ruin this guy? 15 years before. All right, so then the other big fight was this guy patty, right? Wait a minute, hold on a second, man. I still haven't finished the main thing. Her Manson apologized for the whole fight, and he's like, but don't worry, guys. The main event is gonna make up for it. And then 15 seconds into the main event, Tom, hospitals, fucking knee blows out, and he falls down in the fights over. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, now you're right. That was the point I was making. Oh, got it. Got it got it. Sorry, I'm sorry, Greg sorry to step on you. No, it's all right. I just wanted to bring that all the way around because Curtis blades won, but he was upset. No, no fight really happened. Although I will say the difference between patty and Tom, patty definitely seemed to feed off the crowd risk Tom definitely seemed to feel the pressure. To win. He got tagged up a few times before that knee went out. This is a different kind of guy. So then in the other big fight that was supposed to happen. Well, that happened. So there's a guy that twerks on. I think we showed you a video of the guy who after he wins. He starts twerking all over the octagon. Jordan. Patty pym, who, you know, the saying is like, the touting over the next Connor, right? I mean, let's just be honest. He's kind of a big fish, small palm, but exciting, good-looking, young, ripped, but he's just a character. The guy gets, you know, gains 50 pounds. Post pictures and made the wait. I don't know how the hell he did. I saw pictures from the wedding and I was like, well, I'll be at gambling. So he thought this guy who was like the big twerker. It was a pretty even fight. Like the first fight was pretty, first I was pretty even. And then in a second round, patty took him down, choked him out, and then it was over. The guy tapped. And then he said he was going to teabag him in the octagon, right? And he kind of did. He sort of got into it. He kind of did. He like went for the tea bag. It was like a half tea bag, 'cause the guy wasn't laid out, but he did sort of like, and then he won. And then after where he won, he made a speech saying, listen, I got to take this more seriously. I didn't really, you know, I let myself not be that discipline, but also I guess he had a couple friends that had passed away who had killed themselves that week. He was like, I know. I know guys, mental health, talking about your problems, isn't cool, but if you have somebody to talk to, please call your friend or call me, you know, which is very, very sweet, very nice. It really was a very beautiful post fight speech. It almost got me. I mean, I was like, I just made a time. Wait, do you have to start talking? At the same time, he did just teabag somebody. So that basically that guy has to be the first call. I mean, he went from teabagging a guy to saying that mental health is the problem. Sort of a weird juxtaposition, but I gotta say, I was a fan of patty before. I'm a good bigger fan after the speech. But Sean, what would you do if somebody teared back you in the octagon? I would, I don't know, dude. I would probably look for a way to defeat them by terror from that point all over the next ten years. I don't know. You missed a Donna. Were you either done? We were talking about someone Tapping someone by terror. It was a great change. Yeah, apparently someone beat someone in the listed win was by terror. And so, like, yeah, her praise of tea bag and tea bag involved in it. I'm guessing. But both of you guys missed a couple weeks ago, which was my favorite celebration ever. I'm gonna see if I can find it. This guy, his name is, what was his name? Adam, are you employing somebody from Mexico, a former resident of Mexico? Yes, I am. I think I know what you're getting at. A very nice woman who cleans the house. And does a great job. So yeah. Look at Don Don's like. Ride my horse over and check her papers. By the way, despite that got announced, by the way, is Peter Yan versus Sean O'Malley, which I said looks like a method added anti meth bad. These two guys are going at it. Huge step up for Sean O'Malley. But for some reason, I think he's going to win. Don, who wins this fight? I'll go with the Russian. Hell yeah. He's a pretty damn tough every time I'm watching him play. So I think he'll I think he whacks O'Malley's tough, but he just hit by a bigger guy, so we have different story. Greg, yeah, how do you think Greg? Is Sean O'Malley versus zoo? Peter Yan, they made that fight. Oh, that's right. That's right. I saw it. I don't know. I like it. I mean, this is definitely Rashad O'Malley. This is where we find out the truth. You know? I mean, if he could be Peter yawn, you better, you better watch out, but I don't think he beats Peter God. I think Peter John takes him. But again, I was, okay, the week before, 6 fights got him right. Last week. Fucking shit the man. So what do I fucking know? Sean? Do you already got down to me? No, no, Sean. Sean. No, yeah, I think Jan B team, if O'Malley beats John, I'll be shocked, man. He's definitely the real Delphi beats me, but I don't see it happening. I just wonder what O'Malley did to make the UFC mad because usually when they, when you go from fighting guys that no one's heard of to, you know, the number one guy, number two guy. Like they're doing you know to Nate Diaz or whatever like it's usually that you've pissed him off in some fashion, so. See, I feel like it's like they built him up. They threw enough dead weight at him and now they're like, okay, now we got the main valley we wanted to sell some tickets. Put them up against someone good and let's see who he is. I think if anything, I think it's their formula. It might be close to this contract being up to, so they like to get everyone beat right before they renegotiate. That's usually right. Exactly. I like to. I like them a lot. Cheaper. Now, the crazy fight they'll get in is shamia versus Nate Diaz because everyone's saying they're throwing ideas. This is his last bite in the UFC. Dan Hardy's like, this is going to be a slaughter. A lot of people are thinking this is just really cruel to do today. As bad at it as bad as much as I don't want to believe that, I hope Nate Diaz wins. I mean, if he wins, that the whole universe would be flipped upside down. And I'm going to be fucking thrilled. But it's going to be a hard time. That's a real problem. But I agree with you. You know, and I love the Diaz brothers, what love watch from flight. But he basically just you don't train hard enough and your love runs out. Son, I think it's kind of, it sucks both ways 'cause Diaz really should be fighting a 55 in shimao should be a one 85. So he's fighting a way bigger guy and it is like an absolute fuck you to Nate Diaz it's ridiculous. They want to hurt him as much as possible because he won't resign with him and you have seen, I'm not kidding. If they are like a woman scorned when you don't want to resign with him or do something their way, they will, they will do anything to ruin their life. Like they really will, like they're trying to ask for them to be just as popular if he gets by TRE may ever be too high if it doesn't matter. Go fight Jake Paul, but they can't they can't stand it, that he wants to leave. Like they're going to try everything they can to ruin him as much as possible. What you think a guy that fought 30 times for you and put in that time and sold all the pay per views and for years fought for $20,000. You think you would give him a decent sendoff, but they want to, I think they're hoping he dies in the cage. Like that would be ideal for

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