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Slow round soldier field. Everything else moving okay this morning, the tri state, the tollways and northwest Indiana sunshine today, high 37 for the bears game at soldier field. It is 30° next report at ten 18 news radio one O 5 9. Time now for Jeff Joni ex journal here on wbm powered by IBW local 9 electrifying the greater Chicagoland area, learn more at IBW 9 dot org. Is a young man who hits everything, always has Jack Sanborn, one of the best stories of the bear season undrafted Lake Zürich high school, Wisconsin thumping linebacker and a fan favorite right now, playing a game he's loved since his youngest days with a supportive incredible mother who guided four year old Jack and his 7 and two year old brothers for the most difficult of times. The death of his father at 43 of former offensive linemen at Oregon and a huge fan of the 85 bears. It was a long time ago, and boy oh boy, Paul Sanborn would have loved these special moments. As the year has gone on, I'm not really, I haven't really been thinking like, oh, what would he exactly do right now? But I know he would definitely be a big supporter. And definitely be at every game and things like that. But yeah, I mean, it's part of life. And you know, I think that's one of the things I learned from it. At a very quick, very young age very quickly, is that, you know, this is life. And it's a part of life, it's the worst part there is of life, but life always goes on. And it will always go on and you got to get up the next day. And do what you got to do. And I think that's something that kind of in a way helped me, I guess, as a young kid, but something that you never really want to go through. But it would definitely be interesting to see it. Was he a bears fan? Yeah, he grew up around in the Chicago area. So that brings us to mom, because your mom's name is Melinda. And the task of anybody who's in this position or age three, kids under ten at the time. She must be a Hall of Famer. Oh, yeah, for sure. Without a doubt. And you know, I think as a young kid, you take it for granted exactly what she had to go through. I'm like, I was four. I didn't know what she was going through or how difficult of days she must have had, but as you kind of grow older, and the older I get, the more responsibilities like that, I have to do. It's like, wow. It kind of makes you think of exactly what she was going through at that time. And so it's amazing to think about. What do you think she's taught you? I mean, I think number one is she always put her three boys a priority over everything else, no matter what she had going on. And she had a lot going on. She commuted to the city. You know, we had stuff going on within the family, whatever it may be. She was busy, she had things to do. And we had things to do. We're all in sports. We were all doing those things. We had to get to school. And she always put us three as a priority. And that's something that I think now, especially growing up that I look at and I take away is just how she was able to handle everything, but never to lose focus on what was most important. And for her, it was her three boys. Is she pinching herself too right now like you are? A little bit. I think more than me. Yeah. How do you know? I don't know. I mean, she's just always. She just loves it. Are you excited about your future? All right, I'm excited about, you know, but I don't think I ever looked too far into the future. I wanted to interview this week. And the way you play the game is just perfect for this rivalry. Watched Brian or locker line sprigs and all of them play. Growing up and, you know, definitely fortunate to be here and trying to do my trying to do my thing. And did you want to be one of those guys? Like, did you want to be? A Chicago bear linebacker? I mean, I think every kid around the area kind of has that has that dream for at least a split second at some point in their life. And then, you know, but not many people actually think that it's possible and I think I'm one of them too. And just fortunate. You know, when you think about it and talk about it and hear it out loud, that smile grows bigger, because you see more of a serious guy in that locker room, it's a job you're taking care of business, but when you just hear yourself talk that way, does it just kind of get you a little bit? A little bit. I mean, I think it's just kind of at the moment still just crazy. I mean, you're 22 years old and this is your job. Definitely enjoying it though. How's it going so far in your opinion? I mean, good, I mean, for myself, I think, all right. And then, I mean, just as a team though, you know, that's the most important thing. On the field and everything included is to get those wins. So that part definitely rough, but I mean, just got to keep working. Keep moving forward and, you know, now it's on to this week against the packers. You like the jackhammer? Yeah, it's all right. It's a no brainer, right? Here comes jaggedy. I mean, it just flowed. Yeah, I got a lot of nicknames going around. What else you got? Sandman. Jason Bourne is a good one. I've heard it kind of like that one. There are quite a few of the list goes on. You know, when the big hit happens though and the heat of the moment and the crowd's going crazy at soldier field jackhammer just came out. And I'm going to run with it unless you tell me to go in a different direction. No, I mean, that's a new one. I've never even heard that one before, so. I respect it. I

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