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I'm Keith Macarthur. Unlocking license brain is a podcast about my son impressed. The rare disease the keeps him from walking or talking. BRYSON's perfect. His life is really hard, and our families search for a cure. Oh my Gosh! Maybe science is ready for this. It's part memoir part medical mystery. We can do just about anything modifying DNA heart in my throat, his controversial unlocking Brayson's brain. Subscribe wherever you get your podcasts. I'm Dr Hillary. McBride. Let me. Take you! Microphones rarely go. Into my therapy office. It's where my clients hurt. He'll and ultimately thrive. You'RE GONNA hear private conversations that we rarely ever have with ourselves. Let alone share with others. Welcome to other, people's problems. Maybe along the way you'll discover that other people's problems are a lot like your own. Season Three's out now. Subscribe on CBC Listen Or Wherever you get your podcasts? What are you hearing from? Protesters about what they're doing to protect their privacy as they now take to the streets shore while they're as mentioned, there is a pandemic still going on. That's kind of not at the forefront of our minds, but people protesters seem to be. Almost, better than police in some situations very good at wearing masks right now. Masks might throw off facial recognition. It is not going to completely make it useless but that is one thing that some protesters are doing. What about the idea of just turning off your phone or not bringing your phone at all? Please can't track someone locations There are many different ways to do it. The safest thing to do is if you're really worried about location tracking. Is You turn off your phone completely? If you want to use the camera on it, experts recommend putting it into airplane mode and using the camera from there. If possible you know, only turn it on when you need to really use it or post something, and then an interesting thing is when when you share photos or videos, it has all kinds of data. He knows where you are in those what time it is, and if that gets spread around, that could help identify the person who. took the picture with pictures. It's pretty easy. You just take a screen shot of it and post that instead of the picture itself, and then that screen shot doesn't have that metadata embedded in it. It will not have that same level of metadata embedded in it at all. And they're even screen apps that you can do on your desktop, so you avoid anything that might be associated with the phone You can also do a screen recording of a video, and that will strip out the Meta data and again there's also desktop software you can use to strip out that information before you share a video and then when you live streaming. That's not really included as much so it's not as much of a concern there it strikes me you know hearing about the fear and concern among protesters about taking pictures at all, or you know maybe not even bringing their phone. That the consequence of that is that you lose the ability to record and share what's happening around you. Maybe you can something that's happening to you. There seems like it was kind of trade off there. There is I think a lot of. When you do you have your phone? Like that's what airplane mode is recommended because you can record quickly and right away, whereas if you have to turn your phone on, there's there's GonNa. Be a delay. It might just be you know if there's a big group of you. Only one person has a phone and in charge of recording. Again, most protests have been largely very peaceful and huge. involved. And these concerns aren't as rampant, but it's some of the more intense protests. It's things that go after curfew. Where people are are doing a lot more of the the riskier recording and protesting. So! Much fear insights into this short..

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