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Audio summit number number nineteen this is Holly Williams CBS this morning you know there were fifty year floods in Venice add bad bad flooded in Venice and here's a CBS news report about it was a perfect storm very high winds are flawed and a city that's mostly four to five feet above sea level but experts say what's making things worse here in Venice is climate change and rising sea levels or so I thought that I would give you some stats they are claiming that climate change and rising sea levels are making this flawed in ram is no worse than there's ever been certainly the worst in fifty years well there why is a flood the in Venice in nineteen sixty six and the high water mark in the nineteen sixty six flood the in Venice was seventy six inches the high water mark in Venice in this current flood is two inches last seventy four inches so if climate change and rising sea levels are responsible how come the high water mark is two inches lower it was in nineteen sixty six in other words they continued to lie to everybody about climate change nothing new there I just wanted to take the occasion here to illustrate it and blow it up now.

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