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Yes aussies the renfrew where i was like you know now seems like not the time to get into celtic jewellery right yeah like definitely something i like have liked in the past or been like it's fine but i'm like no but don't want jewelry your snob about medieval stuff guess i'm american obviously i don't trust those bricks i went to irish fair which was an irish theme sants fair at lake belbow so while i've never been to the renaissance fair totally went to a renaissance fair that just had like fifty percent more pan flute i wanna say where he lays inches like drew and stuff yeah yes in lords and i don't care about not into royalism into like oh you guys i'm so sorry can you hold is it okay if i go for five minutes i'm sure okay sorry no no i don't i don't hey she gone i think she's gone mother stays coming up and what are you getting for tests oh i was thinking we should get her a hundred colorful blooms with a free glass from pro flowers i love the way you say vas i'm right there with you proof ours is an amazing place to have out from there before no i'm excited it can be mother same i order it's so easy it's so easy and it'll it'll be great just because we wanna make sure the test isn't find out you know we don't have to actually like drive the florist or anything like that.

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