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Address comes not from them having to sit in fat finger type it in with Typos and everything. But soon as they press a button, Facebook passes the authentic Facebook Email address into my Email system. That's what we're talking about here. We've doesn't testing on that and that the social Email we find basically is anywhere from ten to twelve times greater response than some of the other stuff. We get people type it in different things. So I think that's awesome. Oh, you mean the Email address you get from social? Yeah. You know why that is. I had an Email address that was male at mixer, JI dot com because I thought anyone wants to send Email. She just send it to mail at maturity. Facebook came back to me and said that is not an okay Email address. I said, yes, it is at works said, no, that is not. It's a functional Email address. So what's that? When I googled it turns out for many businesses, mail at is like a business wide Email address, not a personal Email address. Facebook, super duper wants to make sure they reached me directly. My personal Email. Here's the main one and so they wouldn't let me get away with using anything other than the best Email address I haven't. So I now gave him a different Email address so Facebook, putting all that effort to get Email addresses. We might go piggyback off, love it. Very cool. Now we've been talking about what chat bots are. So from here, this kind of go how how people using these. You showed an example here as far as click funnels and going into yoga and all that kind of stuff. What are some of the big players are using this stuff right now? So here's the good news and the bad news. The good news is the big players in marketing are not doing anything huge in it, which means that we have an incredible runway to jumping and lock in as many users as possible. Get I lock in, I mean, get them to subscribe. There's they're free to opt out anytime they want, but we have an opportunity to be the big players in this. You know, years ago I had an Email marketing company and I remember this guy who was a superstar in paper mail, direct mail business with someone I admired forever. I invited him into my office. The guy comes around to the.

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