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Rookie of the year via the strikeouts a secondhalf slumped the whole thing already he i mean like you know we so what five home runs away from the alltime rookie record maguire in ned will was at eighty seven right we have to work started the update and after the update of we will go back to the ballpark so we're going to have some baseball after the game later iran tonight we will love by a bee talking with you until one o'clock in the morning now let's do the eight o'clock 20 25 shove day would boss sports radio 66 said 101 nine fm wfia nwfp an fm new york i stay still windy out in the bronx but the rain has stopped so it's almost tie the play baseball the yankees in twins get under way shortly first pitch eight ten our coverage on the fan resumes at eight o5 cc savat fair joseba raoult's that is the fishing match up tonight the ficci match up tomorrow but we severino aversive bartolo cologne the anc he's had thought about skipping severino in this series but he will start tomorrow and mossy or tanaka presumably will start friday night in toronto the match right now or in miami that game is through free in the mets have a one nothing lead on the marlins jose reyes the first inning home run is 14th at the season seth lugo and audrey samir despond j that is the pitching match red sox and auriol's bottom forth the camden yards no score in that game five of a third the cubs leave the raise wanted nothing bottom three toronto in kansas city no score the easily the tigers do nothing and the top of the third bottom to philadelphia the dodgers and fill no score bottom three brewers of pirates no score the reds have a four nothing lead on the cardinals that game bottom three in cincinnati bottom of the second in atlanta and the nationals and the braves no score the giants went back to the drawing board today he line manning among those trying to figure out a way to energized that dormant giants off by way to uh to be sharper you better go out there uh it a riddle the.

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