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That is way the equities of protecting our democracy requires us to use every arrow in our quiver. And one of those quivers is, um Democrats have a rule about expanding this report. Are you mocking her? So I was saying Yo, she's reaching for her quiver Lin, she's quivering as she which reaches for her quiver. Democrats haven't ruled out expanding the Supreme Court if they get the majority back. Yeah, listen to this New York City could lose federal funding after the Department of Justice says it has permitted violence and destruction of property. Portland and Seattle also on this list. Soas Faras New York City is concerned, the DOJ said the city has faced increased unrest, gun violence and property damage and the city's responses to cut police funding by a billion dollars. In person. Learning begins today in the city for a small number of kids. Just the little kids, three K pre K and the district 75 school returns to the classroom. Everybody else stays remote. Which means parents aren't happy. Been at home so long, and they just want to interact. You know, like Khaleesi teacher, they just sitting there looking at the screen, like okay now what? Now what? We'll keep doing that next phase of in person. Learning begins September the 29th for K through five. Cates, wait. Of the Big guy's middle school and high school. They won't go back in person, perhaps until October. 1st normal commute this morning after a subway derailment at 14th Street in Eighth Avenue yesterday. 30 year old man to meet his Harvard was putting some debris on of the tracks. He's now facing reckless endangerment charges that debris, causing uptown a train to veer off the tracks and hit 10 beams at the station. Injuring three people. Attorney General Leticia James announcing the big changes in the way Bodycam footage is going to be released. Starting immediately. She will be proactively releasing video on her own saying Not gonna wait for local authorities to do it This after Ah situation at Rochester involving the police custody death of Daniel Prudie died in March. Bodycam footage wasn't released until August. Thie news today brought to you by National Realty learned the insider method of obtaining 18 to 21% targeted returns on prime building locations. Well, the Army's going to get rid of the shark attack is part of its basic training. If you go there, you probably know what it is. It's when the drill sergeant yell at recruits, luring them push ups. Other exercises now. We have to be nice to people. So military leaders say you get doesn't instill the spirit of the infantry and it betrays the crucial bond of trust with our leaders. So the army will take a kinder, gentler approach to basic training so no more you give me 10, Please give me town, please, if you would like to give me 10. Thank you. If you you can't die about the obstacle course. When you crawl under the barbed wire and shoot the bullets over your head. No, they won't do that. They don't want to scare these people. And they don't want to scare these people are leading the army for you. By the way, this is the army for Lin. Well, you know what they say. War is Heck Lynn. You know Lin Lin went to war with no bullets in his gun, and I went through all that basic trade. They would yell. Give me 10 and I call out one Ugo what? When they were Looking. I wasn't doing anything. I was just yelling it out 34 ways bullets so he wouldn't have did. I didn't want it to clean the gun. Len is the inspiration for the Bill Murray movie stripes. He is he is Bill Murray back there in the least that at least I served unlike some people, Okay, That's true. All right, but I was not called on. I registered for the draft on those 18. But I was not cold, but you served. Thank you for your service, however minor it was land. But it was service. There was service was everything. And what is the market junk? But what did you do lead to keep our country safe. I was in the signal Corps in the RV..

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