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Empowering a healthier you so this is how it works I'm just watching CNN during the break and Jim Acosta is saying is not going great for the White House today Anthony Fauci has been contradicting the president all day and most recently pointing out that the virus is ten times more lethal than the flow so the drive by media has their headline based on something found she said but they're leaving out the lead they're leaving out the main point of charges now they're even lying about south G. contradicting trump all day long now Anthony found he's got his work cut out for it means having to contradict the president all day long my pointing out today the virus is ten times more lethal than the flow it doesn't matter the fact what sound she said that that's ten times more lethal than the flow figure actually brings the corona virus fatale only rate lower than official estimates why can't they say that why can't they say that the new discovery is that the corona virus metallic rate is not three to six percent is one percent and falling by the way well because it doesn't fit the agenda because there's a political agenda behind this they have weaponized this and they're doing everything they can to damage trump this is no more than the continuation of trump Russia collusion and the meddling and all that and we have the Ukraine impeachment protocol Seoul tough not to just blow my gasket sitting here folks because every day my instincts are proven right on the money don't ever become a conformist the best way to be made a fool every day is to become a conformist some of the best product inventions happen as a result of pure curiosity Bollman brand shoes came about this way a husband and wife couple discovered what a great night's sleep they got on a pair of luxury sheets in a five star hotel they had never experienced sheets that felt the way these dead in their five star hotels where they wanted to find out where they came from how they were made how much they cost they went in search of sheets like the ones in the hotel they found them in retail stores and I found that cost a thousand dollars and I said well all we're not gonna spend a thousand dollars on a pear shaped we're just not gonna do it so they determined to invest the time find the materials and see if they could make their own sheets for a much more reasonable price point so they went out they found what they thought was the best fabric thank you yeah the end up being the softest sheets that they can make and then they share them with family and then with friends and I ask for feedback and the feedback was awesome and that's how Boland.

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