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Second free throw for will is on the way and that what is good for the delegates are now out to a six point lead here 2216 deep looks good for denver mitchell hasn't hands ob gyn of joe johnson threeman weep over the burbs now back on top to mitchell they're trying to make an go to his right hand denver shows heart of the picket role in the paid to go buyer cookout the corner to johnson johnson said the pay now against yokich shoots right over jumper no good rebound yokich at a quick outlet over the barton barton has it back door cut the chamber that cut off down low by burks kicks it on top the yokich loose ball deflected it's pop in the year yokich gets it back to pardon at a reverse side leaf under the game right now for denver the nuggets rupp yo chill 24 to sixteen time outcomes next whistle top of the key johnson as it right side osvaldo rodney hood hood throws it back on top the mitchell mitchell inside the arctic joe johns at ten on the shot clock johnson as the ball stretched high above his head dribble handoff behind him to burks burks will take a contested to that was way off the mark and the rebound database of plumlee bucket here quit snyder's got a call timeout though zinni booty starters deputy drive lefthanded gets dude line thrills of the quarter to wilson chandler channels does it back inside the arc over to yokich less than two minutes to go the period yokich at the free throw line of plumbly passes kicked in that'll be denver basketball when we come back in a moment one fifty four left to go in the opening quarter ended up twenty four sixty though the altitude radio network now how best vase back kept.

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