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Basically before this. So here's the question that i'm grappling west. Let's save the clippers. Have a home game against a middle of the road. Like the pacers or the bulls. Next year do you think they win. That game a home game yashar and then if they have a home game against let's say like the dallas mavericks. Do you think they win that game. That's really a toss up. Because then i guess this means it's a good line like that's kind of where i was like okay. I think they should be able to handle the decent teams. When they're healthy are healthy ish. I mean forty five wins though in the end. That's probably pretty low. That's just a low number. Like paul george is still really good player. They have good depth So here let's break this down. Try one more way to this. I'd say offensively. I'd still maybe have of the top half the league just barely you know. Kind of the twelve to fifteen range and defensively at. It could be a little bit better. Did they be kind of the lower end of the top ten like. I think that's really going to be. The question is like how are they going to defend this year. I think zoo bots is an underrated rim-protector they can do some switching. They've got some depth So yeah i mean. I guess i will go with the over still Yeah the they'll also want to be pushing towards the end like to avoid the in that's going to be another thing too. Is that teams in that. Forty five win type. Range are gonna put upward pressure right in that range to avoid the plan sedate. You let something funny. I was looking for the last team that was will end of the top. Ten offense are defensively and middle of the road offensively. it was the The one thousand nine hundred twenty oklahoma city thunder. When paul chris paul was there and they had differential forty six team. So this is right and lied. Yeah okay so we're both over them. Yeah i guess so. I don't feel great about it. But i i think i feel good enough to not switch houston rockets. Twenty five and a half. And i don't think we need to spend a lot of time in this one at least from my perspective. I'm going under here. I was more conflicted on this before. The reporting which i believe was not reflected in the line. We're using from shunned from from athletic. That john wall is not going to play for them this year. Now they'll try to do a trade or something else like that but part of the conflict for me would change things much for me anyway. Honestly i mean but the rocket. Yeah exactly and for me. The rockets would've changed i. It's just a quality player and replace him with somebody who's worse than john wall in all likelihood but for me. It's the organizational pressure. Is that the rockets. They have young guys. They you know they have these four first round picks that they're probably going to try to play all four of them meaningful minutes but then they also have other young dudes including of their pick as won't including kevin porter. They have their own pick. They're all these huge levers that are going in that are going in the same direction and that is you know it's these next two years. The houston definitely has their own first round. Pick at least as of now I guess they technically have the right to swap next year with the nets. They're not going to do that. And so they have these young guys they maybe. They'll try to rehab. Eric gordon value a little bit. And so they're trying to be good and that's even more now than it was before and they you know. Young guys are generally pretty bad at defense. They were better off. I have them as the worst defense annoy. Yeah they'll definitely be in. That conversation will be in the conversation for the worst offense in the league and so teams like that teams like that typically lose a bunch of games. Yeah i think you're starting with them as the worst defense in the league and then offensively you remember. They just couldn't shoot it all last year. And i don't know of kristen would plays a little bit more. Maybe that that helps them on. Offense your can kevin porter. Jr. is he gonna like actually produce efficiently or is he going to. Just tantalize a little bit. I would make a slight prediction here and i. It's been a long time. Since i've done this but the last time i did it is this was i wanna say this. I can't even remember if it was before they had played a game together. But i just said it felt like there was something between joel. Embiid ben simmons where like. It was going to end poorly. It just felt that way. I don't know from a chemistry standpoint or a an on-court chemistry standpoint but obviously that's been the case you know even though embiid is like tried to say something nice on twitter you know clearly. That relationship doesn't seem to amazing at this point in time and the encore religion was amazing. I don't see kevin porter jr. jalen green ending well like i don't i don't see a future and maybe it'll be wrong about this but i just think. Kpmg is is to bottle and to ball dominant. I don't think that he in june green are gonna play well together You know. I think jalen green is going to be better than him. He's going to need to have the ball more. Kp pj doesn't seem to like be particularly stable as well so But for right now those two guys apparently gonna start the back and they feel so strongly about. They don't even want john wall playing at all. Because they want the kevin junior to be given the keys to the franchise and it's going to be a little weird when like imported juniors may be taken more shots this year. The joe ingredient that. That's an aside. That doesn't really have much to do with their over under this year. But i don't think that kpmg or green is going to be able to be particularly efficient. I don't see erik gordon playing much for this team. He'll probably get moved in your house. To probably gonna get moved shit daniel taste when he got moved Or market should would depending yacht. You know i mean would that could be interesting to We'll be extension eligible next offseason but may be looking for a bigger deal than the max extension that they could offer him. There's gonna be a lot of people trying to get. There's on this team and they don't really have anyone who can make your shot like didn't fix that particularly either so i think to be pre three point shooting team again. They just don't have any real like spot. they have guys who can shoot threes. But no one who you're gonna throw it to and you're like oh that's a bucket right so i mean unless you're talking about. Dj augustyn is probably their best shooter at this point time and one other point. I like to think about this. Sometimes young teams like there are a lot of ways for this rockies to be successful by their standards where they win twenty five or fewer games and jalen green light jalen green could look like he will be a good future player without helping the rockets win games. Right now could be the same story with christopher garuba I think he's going to have a better season than say anthony edwards did last year. I i am hopeful that that is also the case but edwards also a lot more talent around him By the end of the year. The with this houston team is going to have so i. If there were these healthy baby they could go over But starting with the worst defense in the league It doesn't really seem like a great place to begin for for an over And i think it's going to be dom between them and and okay see the worst..

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