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The way speaking of baseball baseball season is underway so tomorrow we're going to have another visit from our good friend rick geezer who is the man who has you all your sports songs and we will hear a baseball themed sports songs with another episode with ricky's or live in studio to listen to that and all of a regular friday features as well so join us right now three one two nine eight one seven two hundred for baseball movies you know what actually turns out to be a great baseball movie dan what's it richard linklater's everybody wants them which you know is sort of like the spiritual kind of sequel today's and takes place in the eighties and it's college instead of high school but it's but it's also told from the point of college baseball team and there are long stretches of baseball season and obviously linkletter is a big baseball fan because in days mitch kramer's the pitcher on his literally team msci msci msci sub wind bad about a yeah so anyway so that's that's something there if even if you've not seen everybody wants them it's a really great movie a a really really great movie that is in spirit very very similar to the great dazed and confused and i loved it and so that's a great baseball movie dot here's mark on wgn i'm one of my favorite to watch it every baseball season is it happens every spring with three milan have you ever seen yeah yeah yeah many times yeah i think that's a really cute movie.

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