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But actually, he has more skills than his awesome. If less experience what I wanted was another play who can do something that pianist can do. So that we're not entirely reliant on this one guy in the middle to hold possession. Because I I would. Oh for another on the on. Gonna Ramsey absolutely. Not in such that those figures and certainly not considering his tactical indiscipline. I I mean, he does one in forward, and he leaves positions behind in gaps perhaps onto Allegra. He will learn to do that better. This is the only thing that worries me about him. He's not even started. Also, so. But for me I wanted to know on the bull midfielder, I would've chosen someone else. But now that us here, I do think that he will help you on edge, and at least hold a little bit more possession and make it useful possession for even. Doc about another guy on very big wages who plays them along. To be absolutely fascinated by the saga of mild economy class. What's going on? This is very interesting to me because. Why do you think because of? Because if I'm day, do you think that's why I'm positive by it? She's a fascinating. You know, what's interesting is that a lot of people to about into winning stuff. And I always said I haven't issue with the team that is led by spill AT, the has modern ecology and has angered on in it. Losers. Big fat lose. No his little characters. They are not people. Who are just like. All right. Let's keep quiet. What for the team? You know, they will people who love attention and economy is obviously on a large contract. Intel are apparently winning to offer him seven million season. One two his agent and his wife would like nine. You're. That but go ahead and schools moguls, and she would like nine to keep in line with how important he is with how much he does for inter with the fact that into continue to tell us and remind the add a big club again can spend money that can be somebody huge looking at the likes of Luca Madre JR. So if you all that team than you can spend on your top striker. And so considering how much Gwen is being paid considering debate on seven million why not have guys on a bit more than that? I see that point of view. Meanwhile in quite a bit of leverage here because he's got solar. Contractors running down is it. Release close which one hundred and ten million started off looking like a lot. And these days doesn't like a lump nemo people say that it's interesting. He's a one hundred million. You know, like, I don't I still think that is a lot. You know? I again, it is hundred million strikers have there been in history ratio. But but but his his the thing around eighteen ninety you'll spend a hundred and ten on income. Without is it's a bit like expensive houses. Right. The markets on either if the one person who can afford it. We'll do it like so like so that's why I think I was coming from. And it's it's true. But the flip of that is if you're into even at one hundred ten million euros. He goes can you replace those goals? Yeah. That's a two is about sort of the whole like monopoly versus monopoly new word. I learned which is when there's only one buyer. Whereas when there's only one. There aren't many center forwards out there. They really aren't right now. Any one of them? He's got the right age profile. So well part of me says, you know, I think we throw these big numbers out a little too easily. Right. Because you know, the new Kaku gas eighty million fine. But that's man, just United more money than God. He's go to Tana goals in the primarily, whatever else is the right age profile all that, you know, made sense to some degree. And it's not like he's terrible. But let's, you know, but if you actually look at very few center forwards have gone for that amount. And we're talking about nearly twice without on the young went for for example. Right. Put you right. He's the only guy where you can rock up. So like if I'm say Rao Madrid next season. You know, what I know exactly what he's gonna cost me..

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