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Who would he fight for he would fight for the people in his neighborhood and so what goes on and on neighborhood is the idea that black lightning kind of encompasses where it's not just a random like where luckily versus superman it's black lightning verses the factors that affect kids growing up in the ghetto you stop saying at length force detail get to know but it's kind of like where I am seeing like like in the marble cinematic universe like like Falcon like I feel like he's not specifically fighting for people in his neighborhood? It's almost like a warmonger. Is that what it is in Black Panther the bat or the backyard yeah like how he's trying to fight for his neighborhood in that kind of I mean they made it seem like Bagai. That's kind of like what black lightning is doing. He's fighting for his neighborhood but he's also trying to kill people at the same time. He's like okay. Yep Yeah I. It's it's a really good series of powers super cool black man waiting and so he has some sidekicks. I don't really want to give give it away but they're pretty bad ass thunders my favorite yeah. I like the villains in it too. I think that they're really interesting YEP. The villains actually I I have to say like Tobias Wales the main villain and he's like it's a man if any we watched luke cage series and you're like who is the villain in the cotton mouth yeah young love is basically like cotton out that didn't kill him off and keep them gallon ruin it. They kill he's bummer. It was like Oh man he was a cool hero nonstop with like this other lady and you're like I don't care he was awesome. Cool yeah and that's the thing too is blake. Black lightning is a really good kind of example of the DC version of Luke cage by more of like an actual established superhero where luke cage is Kinda like thrust into the role and he's just trying to protect his neighborhood br ahead yeah Lou Kate. They're very very similar though yeah it's all about like they they face different challenges an anti hero where as not even a key right here where yeah protecting protecting his neighborhood and facing the challenges that are like different than like Superman. He's GonNa Fight Lex Luther Right now what they're they're fighting yeah like. I think that I think it's safe to say in like black lightning. There's a lot of like gang activity and he's specifically. Weekly trying to combat like gang violence in the area which coming from Atlanta I mean like gang violence and come in from Atlanta to like he partners kind of or you know the parallel a lot. He doesn't really care they parallel with like the preacher that is now like everybody goes to church. Everybody's praying for the young people in the neighborhood hoping that they like make good choices and you know you see that parallel of lot in this as well and that's another good solid force in the neighborhood centers around like Jefferson Pierces Black lining. He's the principal at the high school and he like tries to do like there's a lot of other ways to help these kids and he's neighborhoods. You don't have to fly around shooting lightning and be the people up right focus a lot too yeah which is kind of the like a whole kind of basis of people really in the south and like if you grow up in those areas like those are the good forces of our neighborhoods sites like coming they said like what if like the everyday superheroes where real superheroes yeah exactly shoe lighting super whole principal your eminent. He's a philanthropist in the area but he's not rich so he stole. Oh like really volunteering in the neighborhood. It's different than Batman. WHO's a philanthropist but he's also super fucking rich like this guy is really good different problems yeah exactly and it's cool to see your neighbor being represented in that that way Yup? It's really really cool. It's really really good like I said Go. Check it out and definitely there's two seasons. I think there's GonNa be three for sure. They're all goods are C._W.. C._W. D._C.. Kinda does I would actually be very interested in seeing that sort of crossover stuff happened right because I mean the flashes still going yeah and then there's the DC. Here's of tomorrow's really yeah that one is like it's right for black lightning to kind of or you know not even black lightning like I said that he has some sidekicks on very enlightening as they are. It'd be super cool af like thunder just disappeared from lightning for like a season in like happened to be on heroes of tomorrow. She's my favorite. She's cool yeah like I don't respect teenagers. Superpowers and then are like teenager I it's like the Chili Adventures of siegfried I it's like which Oh but then also selling my soul estate girl the daughter.

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