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I don't wanna think today's guests Stephen Jones, Rashad Jennings. Joe Taurean weird Al yankovic, by the way, I can't say. I can't say enough, you know. Even Jones Rashad Jennings. Joe Taurean weird Al yankovic walk into a television show. It's also on the radio and craziness ensues. I still can't get over the Joe Tory story. I mean, holy crap. He called Marianas potentially like a spare part at the top of nineteen Ninety-six when he first showed up and then he melts Donmar have a bullpen session. You think Mel comes back to Joe? Hey, joe. Yeah. Mario has got this cutter on head of his on Hannibal. Now, you know, Edgar Martinez interestingly enough in his career eleven for nineteen against Mario five seventy nine. Batting average. Best average by any player off of Rivera with at least five plate appearances. By the way, you'll say three seven against Messina and four forty four against ROY halladay who is going into the hall of fame with this guy could hit he could wear you out. That's the last guy. I wanted to see and Martinez in that nineteen ninety five game. Joe Torre referred to sing in which he first laid eyes on Mariana Rivera. He's the one who ended it. He's the one. Who ended Don Mattingly career? He's the one who hit that double in the corner. He's the one who I absolutely knew was gonna hit one off of black. Jack McDowell to bring Ken Griffey junior home from I. But the reason why maybe that he was able to hit Mariana like that. It's just like everybody is Marianas cutter made him tougher on lefties than rights because the cutter went on the hands of left handed hitter Sodom off. Okay. So right handed hitters would have a problem reaching the ball on the outer part of his own when they thought or he would sometimes spin it where it looked like it was gonna hit the right handed hitter in in the stomach and instead hit the inside part of the plate. But the lefties he was on Hannibal against lefties is a right handed power pitcher. That's part of the reason why so amazing. And so great. Do you think torii? But he's tight with bell. Check that they have some sort of banana boat like where tan. Him. It's Bella check. It's Popovich saving. They all get together, and some sort of Caribbean that outing that we're unaware of because none of them have Instagram accounts or care to actually let people know that they hang out together. There's some sort of rarified air like a four ring club or a three ring club secret. Sells is not is not parcels and not only to Johnson's three. Take mowing the ninth out or they take eight rings out for. I mean, that's what they do. You think they have that sort of like Costanza found that that club that only? Doc you. Awesome. You're mortals than show up. And nobody's there. Oof. You think that's what it is? You need your ring to get in everything comes back to Seinfeld. It does the jerk store turned twenty two last week as you believe that. All right. Thanks to all the callers for calling in callback tomorrow. We've got a lot of real estate as well. We've got a Chris Webber showing up in person, by the way, see web for that. He's here. Believe in Los Angeles to call tomorrow is at a clipper or Laker game tomorrow night. We'll ask him and he shows up tomorrow, and we're chasing more and more people tomorrow will also reveal part of our SuperBowl guest list, very excited about that a frontal poll results, Chris would he have over there to wrap up program? Yeah. Let's see. I don't have it in front of me. Oh my gosh. What a great big finish. What an exclamation point right there. Who's the hall of Famer that you think should make it out of the guys? Who didn't? It's Barry Bonds. Barry Bonds went to see I figured out that we'll find out on over see on Thursday, cloudy still. Move over YouTube. The collider network is now on podcast one. Get.

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