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Receive a covert 19 briefing here in Wilmington from public health experts. Afterward, the two will deliver remarks to reporters as the campaign is now in full swing leading up to the Democratic National Convention. I cannot get out in front of crowds due to the pandemic. We'll have a lot more on that story were also following a meeting that is underway right now, The Massachusetts Gaming Commission is considering a request by the casinos to bring back roulette and craps. Now, these specific games have not been allowed since the casinos reopened during the pandemic. Poker has not been allowed. Ah, vote on craps and roulette could come at today's meeting. The status of poker is still up in the air. And the Boston Public Garden Lagoon is missing the swan boats amid the pandemic in their place, we find algae and dirty water double BBC TV's Michael across with the story from the popular picnic spot. The city's Parks department says that the company that runs the swan boats usually does the testing and treatment of the water here in the lagoon, But there are no swan boats this summer. Parks and RECs Department says it recently hired the same contractor, and people can expect some improvements in the coming weeks. Normally, the public garden you have the swan boats running, you have a lot more people in the parks. And some of that activity helps keep the geese away. Elliot or an owner of geese, police. Boston says the influx of geese and their waste is also contributing to the water and the conditions in the park. It is 11 38 overto Bloomberg Business News and another check with Tracy Junkie. Good Morning. Good Morning, Laurie. We have seen the return of the tech giant rallies, sending the NASDAQ for a time back into record territory right now rising 83 points. The S and P Is not so far away. From its record, it is turned higher by 1/3 of a point. The Dow is down 61. And when I say tech giants I'm talking about the likes of Apple and Amazon have technology giants that provides the Coming in. Parks s so to speak for the Internet is signaling that businesses are cutting their spending in the pandemic Recession. Cisco Systems is talking about job cuts now, and the stock is tumbling the most in nine years. I'm Tracy Junkie Bloomberg Business on W. B z Boston's NewsRadio Tracy. Thank you coming up at 11 45 Corona virus concerns heighten as the fall inches. Closer. Also, sports is next, the state is opening on Massachusetts begins to slowly reopen business is coming back, and here we go. So is traffic traffic on the threes? Helen BZ. Boston's NewsRadio.

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